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ALPHA trailer is here!

It's no secret how much I LOVE author Rachel Vincent. What started out as a late night impulse buy (Stray) has ended up being one of the wildest fictional rides I've been on. I especially love that Vincent delivers consistently. None of the Shifters books have been half-assed. Each one has moved the story forward without straying (no pun intended) into side story that doesn't help the series plot move along. But the series is coming to an end!

I'm going to miss Faythe and the Shifters world but at the same time I am so very pleased to see an author who knows when to end a series before it becomes contrived and boring. I can't wait to see where it ends and yet I don't want it to be over at the same time. That, my friends, has to be the mark of an exceptional series right?

So the book trailer—which is frickin' amazing!—went up today and with it a contest to win a copy of Alpha. Not gonna lie here people... I want it. I want it NOW. My mother-in-law and I are so hooked on this series I know she'll be all over me to borrow it before I can make time to read it. I'm betting most of y'all would be to. So check out this wickedly well made trailer and pop on over to Rachel's blog to partake in the contest too! Then come back and tell me what you thought of it. How do you think the series will end? Who are you hoping Faythe ends up with?

That's all for now folks... have a freaking fabulous Wednesday! -- Rhi

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