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Thinking about kisses... and what to read in the coming months.

Is there anything more divine than a kiss?

There are so many kinds of kisses.

First kisses. Good-bye kisses. Passionate kisses. Chaste kisses. Doggie kisses. Betrayal kisses.

I love that kisses come in so many varieties and forms. That they can be both a greeting and an expression of deepest desire. The warm peck I put my baby to bed at night with and the soft brush of my husband's lips on my neck on a still-in-bed-at-noon Saturday. Yep, kisses are quite possibly my favorite form of expression.

They're also something I crave in my fiction. A great kiss gets me far more into a scene than any description of actual sex can ever do. Why? I think it is because there's an intimacy to a kiss that no mere joining of naughty bits can quite reach. There's a power in a kiss I think one of my favorite movie lines really shows: "She almost yanks my head clean off, shoving my mouth into hers so hard it hurts. An explosion that blasts away the dull, gray years between the now and that one fiery night when she was mine." Pain. Pleasure. And the power to make time melt away. Now that, my friends, is a K-I-S-S.

A kiss also has the power to destroy. Who doesn't remember the Judas Kiss?

Recently a friend of mine confided in me that she kissed a man. A man who is not her husband. She trusts me and I don't feel it's my place to blow the lid off her secret but I am bothered. This secret kiss has been entrusted to me to hide and I don't like it. My friend has to figure her own issues out and I hope she will do so soon, but until then I am troubled by my feelings of betrayal on behalf of her spouse. Surely if she found out my husband had kissed another woman she would be angry on mine? I would hope so.

At the moment I really do wish that life could take a cue from romance novels and I would know a "happily-ever-after" was in the cards. But truthfully I'd like to kick my friend in the head right now!

But enough about kisses and their good and evil ways...

With September right around the corner I am going to grab this stack of anthologies that has been eyeballing me for months. Most of them are romantic in nature so I look forward to lots and lots of kisses! Most people hate them and I don't love them yet I manage to usually get enough of a taste of an author to decide if I want to read their other work. Drop me a comment and tell me if you love or hate them. I am most curious to know. :)

Then I am hoping to begin a new theme project for RhiReading's third year. I have so many authors that I have not read yet that I have decided it might be nice to pick one each month and devote that month primarily to working on their books. What this will mean I can't say for sure.

For October I've chosen Meljean Brook. Her Iron Seas series starts that month with The Iron Duke. I've got the first few of her Guardians series sitting here already and I'm hoping to get my hands on The Iron Duke as an ARC (but doubting that muchly!).

I have a few other authors in mind for later months but was hoping to plan months around them having new books out so that maybe I can help promote whatever their newest release is. We shall see. In the meantime I am off to do some reading. ;) Toodles! - Rhi

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