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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [08/27-08/29]

The weekend is here again my friends! Yay!

I almost didn't get this post up today. But I am really trying to be more consistent. I was reading something yesterday that made me think about blogging as a book reviewer and how consistently sharing content makes you look more professional. Since that's what I have always tried to do I hope at the very least I come across as reputable. lol

How about some reading talk eh? So this week I received my ARC of Nightshade. I think I've mentioned how much I wanted this book enough times to annoy you. I can't lie and say that desire wasn't 80% fueled by a really gorgeous cover. I mean seriously! Have you really looked at it? It's definitely going to be one of my favorites of all time. It's so boldly colored and mesmerizing. Fortunately I can say that I've managed to read 1/4 of the book in a day and hated putting it down to be domestic (dinner, baby to bed, etc.) because it is THAT damned good. I'm hoping I can get it finished by the end of the month and maybe the author would be cool enough to grant me a little interview. Anything you readers interested in this one might like me to ask about?

I have a frustratingly errand packed weekend planned and darnit all but I have got to catch up on True Blood this Sunday. Anyone see Alcide on the cover of this week's entertainment weekly? Meow. Funny story... I was commenting to my husband something along the lines of "That is a whole lotta man-titty..." and the baby (who's only words so far are dada and yeah) loudly goes "YEEEEAH!". Geeeez. Even my 10-month-old can appreciate a hunky werewolf. Gotta love it. Have a fantastic weekend and let me know what you're reading! -- Rhi

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