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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [08/06-08/08]

Ahhh... the lazy days of summer. When I was a kid I didn't like August. There aren't any special holidays in August. It threw my whole orderly nature for a loop. Who me? Orderly? Yes, actually. I am the queen of organized chaos. ;) As an adult I find August to be a little awesome and a little bit freaking dreadful. Our weather usually hits that really nasty hot streak before the nights drop back into the forties. Stores are filled with new notebooks and I salivate for the reappearance of cardigans, dark rinse jeans and Chuck Taylors in a rainbow of colors.

Maybe that is some of the appeal I find for Young Adult fiction. I prefer not to get too personal with my life here on the blog—'cause you're here to talk about books anyway right?—but school was a bit of a refuge for me as a kid. My study hall periods were spent writing really awful stories that reflected whatever my interests were at the time. Freshman year it was a Civil War romantic adventure and I am certain the heroine was highly inaccurate for the times. Sophomore year it was a never ending pretty plotless story about an art school student working as a barista in Seattle. I'm sure I wrote other things too but those are the two that stick out in my head the most. I ceremoniously threw them out the summer before I turned eighteen. I remember staring down into my grandmother's green trashcan and being torn as to whether I was going to regret it later. While I am glad those are long gone and I find that the girl who threw those away is still inside me. When I read a great story with teen characters such as Almost to Die For or My Soul to Take that part of myself misses the days when life was as simple as wishing your crush would notice you and that you'd be in more than one yearbook photo.

But enough silly ramblings about YA fic. This weekend I must devote my time to grocery shopping! It is scary how many different types of condiments I have in my refridgerator with nothing to go with them. But should I find some time for reading between baby chasing, puppy wrangling (oh yes, we got a puppy!) and coupon clipping I want to get Undead Much? finished. Why? Because Stacey Jay is quite possibly one of the coolest authors I've had the delight of commenting to on her blog. I find her life very relatable and her writing is very entertaining. I feel uber badly I haven't finished this damned book yet. :(

I'll also be chomping the bit for the movie I just saw a trailer for earlier this week: Sucker Punch. I feel like sharing so go and watch it already!
-- Rhi

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