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RhiReading Feature: Shopping w/RhiReading

I'm always on the look out for nifty stuff with vampires, zombies, werewolves, and such. I love finding something really great that makes an entertaining conversation peice. Last year I was strolling through the Spencer Gifts store in my local mall and found a Vampire Slayers Kit for sale. I think I paid about $25 for it. Cool eh? I'm not the kind of gal to save it for Halloween so I fully intended to put it out in my home but still haven't unpacked it since we moved into our house. Eventually I will find the perfect place (most likely once the baby is out of toddler mode) and get that out where visitors can question my sanity. ;)

This past weekend as we were trolling the aisles at Barnes & Noble in search of a birthday gift for my father-in-law I happened upon something that made me *squee* and rather loudly whisper "honey look!". It and a few other recent findings that I did not buy have prompted me to share links to where you too can find awesome urban fantasy friendly things to decorate your home and annoy your housemates/friends/parents with. Enjoy!

This is what started it all. As you followers of mine know... I love crafts related to books and urban fantasy. So when I saw this zombie cross-stitching kit I had to have it! In fact, I immediately (after my husband said "that's cool buy it") thought of author Stacey Jay... maybe because I was working on her 2nd Megan Berry book... but mostly because she likes cool zombie loot as much as my hubby and I do. :D I haven't opened it yet to get started because I'm in the middle of embroidering a baby bib but I might have to do this next. I shall share the results when the time comes.

Lately I have been obsessing over decorating my kids' rooms. They neeeeed furniture and I have a very limited budget but don't want to buy crappy stuff they will destroy before they move out. So instead of actually looking for that I find myself getting more interested in things like lamps and wall decor. As I was snooping through the pages over at Pottery Barn's PBTeen site I happened to find the cutest werewolf costume bits! And you can't find a better werewolf costume for only $39. Any girl or guy who loves werewolf fic (and all you Twilight 'sessed peeps could pair this with your Team Jacob shirts) could easily pull this one off. I wasn't gonna dress up this year but I admit this one seriously tempted me!

I recently discovered the awesomeness that is fredflare. Seriously people, if you visit ONE of the sites I share in this blogness you can't go wrong with this one. I'm always seeing it listed under cute and cool things in magazines. Finally I went and checked it out. I will be doing a lot of Christmas shopping there. The clothes aren't really my thing but they have a great section of home stuff from retro headphones and bacon flavored dental floss to russian doll measuring cups and wasabi lipbalm. There's a bit of a retro and kitschy eccentricity to the offerings and the prices aren't too bad. One item I really loved is their cold blooded ice cube tray. I've already got ice cube trays that do hearts, stars, skulls and aliens. Now I could have vampire fangs in my cranberry juice? I am sooo there. A terrific stocking stuffer for a True Blood fan. Or melt some old red and white crayons and make some fangtastic crayons for your kids' halloween bash at school. Ahhh, I forsee myself having to have three of these molds.

I'm a bit of a mail junkie. I hate getting bills and true junk as much as anyone but I enjoy catalogs and magazines. I happened to get a copy of one of Victorian Trading Co.'s catalogs filled with splediferous new stuff for autumn. I'm not as much of a Victoriana fan as my mother but I've always enjoyed certain aspects of it. Needless to say the era has some very worthy items for reproduction which I think contributes to my growing taste for Steampunky elements. What I fell in love with (aside from a gorgeous and pricey gothic bedframe) was this charming Ravishing Raven Witch Hat. Ravens and crows have always held a very special place in my heart and while I wouldn't wear this even for a costume party I think it'd be really pretty on a hat stand atop my vintage vanity table.

And the last item I shall share is something a little less out-there, less... dramatic. You don't see weathervanes much around these parts because the wind mostly blows down on us from the north. Even still, there is something classic and iconic about them. If I had to get one I think I've become very partial to the Cresent Moon Vampire Bats one you can get from Design Toscano. You can even buy it as a yard stake... imagine how wicked that'd be in your garden along with a scarecrow and ghoulish gourds at Halloween? Oooh now I want October to get here. Must be patient and resist these delightful products lest my budget for books be blown!

Well, that about does it for this edition of Shopping w/RhiReading. I hope you'll enjoy and feel free to pop by and comment with links to cool stuff you've found that urban fantasy fans might love!
-- Rhi

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