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Review: Freya's Gift by Corrina Lawson

Freya's Gift by Corrina Lawson
Alternate History, Historical Romance, Erotica
e-book (SAMHAIN PUBLISHING, Novella Length, $3.50)
ISBN# 9781605049519
Saving her people could mean losing her man.
In the months since an unexplained sickness wiped out most of their women, Sif and Ragnor have managed to hold their people together. Yet nothing can overcome the tribe’s overwhelming grief, and their future as leaders—and as a couple—is at a dangerous crossroads.
A series of sensual omens convinces Sif that a fertility ritual to honor the goddess, Freya, is the only path to healing, but it requires a sacrifice. One Sif is more than willing to make—but puts Ragnor’s heart in the middle of an emotional tug of war. He would give his life for his people, but share Sif’s body with his greatest rival? The goddess asks too much.
Refuse, and Ragnor will fail his duty and doom the tribe to violent destruction from within. Accept, and their trust could be rewarded with renewal for their people and themselves. Or shatter a love already stretched to the breaking point.

Author Site: corrinalawson.wordpress.com

Vikings, Pagan Rituals & Lots of Sex (4 stars)

Usually I like to write my own summary of a story but this is a novella length ebook and heavy on the erotic content so there isn't much more to say than what the blurb has to share. So let me just dive right into it...

I heard about Corrina Lawson's book Dinah of Seneca through one of the writers at Deadline Dames, unfortunately I can't remember which one. But when I read that Lawson had created a sort of alternate history where the Vikings and Native Americans were blending cultures and that the Romans had driven the Vikings out of their homeland I was very intrigued. Since Freya's Gift is intended to be a prequel (or so I was told) I figured it was the best place to start.

I must say that I loved the world Lawson has built. I like erotica as much as the next romance reader but I almost wished there was less of that and more information about how the Vikings came to be where they were. That said this book was a tantalizing read for those who love threesomes and brawny alpha males. Now that I have this read I can't wait to pick up Dinah of Seneca! Enjoy!

Notes: I purchased this ebook as a [Kindle Edition] and read it using Kindle for PC.

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