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The Vampires Have Invaded!

Oh dear readers, how I miss you and having enough free time to write a post for you on a regular basis. I have a list of excuses a mile long from visiting relatives and a newly crawling baby to a lack of sleep and even time to get books read. Alas I don't want to waste these few minutes I have free in making excuses. Instead let's talk about books!

I've not had a lot of free reading time this month but what little I have had allowed me to finally read Eclipse. I figured if the movie was coming out at the end of the month I may want to actually know what's going on. LOL! Then I was offered a copy of A Bad Day For Pretty by Sophie Littlefield. No vampires or supernatural hooplah in it but I loves me a strong Southern heroine in spite of my roots being in the opposite end of the country. I also read Blood Law by debut author Jeannie Holmes. And I am working on a little interview because Jeannie was sweet enough to say yes when I asked for one but then I went and got busy. Look for it sometime closer to it's July 6th release date!

Meanwhile I've been slowly getting through Claudia Gray's Stargazer in hopes of finally getting to Hourglass. If you love Young Adult vampire stories Gray's Evernight series is great.

Of course, there's also the new season of True Blood getting started. So far I'm liking the storylines that don't come from the books quite a bit with the exception of Tara's. But can we please get Jason a little nekkid already? Sheesh! I may be Team Eric but I married more of a Jason-type and find myself liking him more every season. Give me a comment y'all! What do you think of Season 3 so far?

I don't have much more time free but I hope to get some time for reviewing the above mentioned books but I had some of my aunties (my mom-in-laws sisters) in town this past week and well... they had some requests for lists of books they might enjoy so I promised to attempt to get some written up. I need to find some that are in the vein of the Sookie books and not as dark as the Anita Blake ones... and some that aren't as graphic (sexually speaking) but still have paranormal elements. Should be easy really but it all comes back to that free time thing. hehe.

Hope y'all are having a terrific summer!
-- Rhi

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