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Zombies Are The New Black

Even though the month hasn't ended yet I think I'm going to call it. Yep, zombies are the new black. As much as I am enjoying the steampunk goodness I can't see it becoming my new favorite.

So what is it about zombies that makes them so appealing? It has to be that (like vampires or werewolves) there are so many different types of zombies. Sometimes they're the flesh hungry horde dragging their legs and drooling. Other times they're helping investigators track down their killer. How they come back from the dead runs the gamut from the magical to the macabre. A few years ago a friend of mine was giving me a bunch of shit about having never seen 28 Days Later. I'd never found a zombie movie I really cared for before that but it's become one of my favorite movies ever! Zombies in their many incarnations have a way of making the rest of us feel alive. Reminding us how short and precious every moment is. Unlike the glamorous undead vampires present they're a reminder that the flesh dies and if we're lucky there might be an afterlife of some kind.

That said I have gone out and found a handful of fun zombie goodies to share with y'all! Right now Hot Topic has a bunch of really cool zombie merch. My personal favorites are the brains hair bows and the zombie rose tee. Just search "zombie" over at Sourpuss and you'll find the awesome zombie unicorn dress (love the retro styling!) and the very cool zombie cheerleader necklace. Over at the creepy Zombies & Toys you can purchase a Monroeville Zombies tee shirt (my fellow Kevin Smith fans will remember this from Zack & Miri Make a Porno) or take home Tofu, the Vegan Zombie.

I certainly haven't given up on steampunk though! I'm seeing blog posts and tweets here and there from authors of Urban Fantasy that I already love who are now working on steampunk titles. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I read Devon Monk, author of the Allie Beckstrom series, is doing a western steampunk book or two. I can't wait!!! And I just discovered that Cherie Priest has a book entitled Clementine that is coming out later this year and features characters from Boneshaker.

And if you're into steampunk with ladies running the show please hop on over to vvb32 reads and check out Velvet's steampink week June 4-12, 2010. Velvet is fast becoming one of my favorite bloggers to drop in on with her eclectic tastes and really fresh ideas, cool giveaways and friendly community atmosphere.

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