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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [04/09-04/11]

You know what day it is dear readers. Oh yeah, it's Friday alright.

This week I've been working through more Zombie and Steampunkness. I've also been doing it on a limited amount of sleep. It is certainly a joy to have a baby in the family and I tolerate the every-two-hour night feedings with the knowledge they won't last forever. One of my cats, however, has decided that around six in the morning I need to be woken sheerly to give him a back scratch. Once he has sufficiently had a good ear rub and back scratch he takes off for parts unknown. He has officially become the most annoying person in my life. :P

I have become a bit of a zombie myself this week with the lack of sleep. I even nodded off while reading yesterday afternoon. *wince* But I should get I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It finished over the weekend. I've found it pretty amusing so far. The other book I'm working on is the steampunk novel Boneshaker. I've been wanting to read that one since before it came out and finally I'm getting around to it. It's sort of cheating and mixing it up with steampunk and zombies in it but it definitely leans more toward the steampunk side. I've not read any of the author's other work but I'm interested in it now. :)

Anyone else reading any steampunk or zombie stuff?

*yawn* Well, I'm off! I want to attempt a catnap... err, a short snooze before the baby wakes up from hers. Coffee is only getting me so far these days. ;) Hope you all have a splendid weekend filled with the 3 R's—rest, relaxation and reading.
-- Rhi


vvb32 reads said...

LOL - those kittehs are too funny

Rhianna said...

I know right? The same kittycat mentioned above also enjoys sitting on my shoulders when I'm blogging in spite of his weighing a good twelve and a half pounds!


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