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Steampunk Versus Zombies

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I'm not one to follow trends really. It took me forever to finally break down and read Twilight because everyone else was making such a huge deal about it. I eventually figured if that many people that I didn't know and that many people that I did know were into it there had to be something behind the popularity. So I read it and thought it was alright, not as special as everyone else seems to think it is but then I like vampire fiction so I didn't think it was bad either.

Yet some trends just simply cannot be avoided or perhaps it's more of a why-should-they-be? kind of thing.

Which is why I've decided to spend the month of April reading steampunk and zombie stories! These two rising trends are both ones I've had an interest in for a long time but haven't dabbled in really. I've not quite found many steampunk stories that interest me yet but this genre-within-a-genre is very much growing and new books are popping up everywhere. On the otherhand zombies have been steadily picking up speed... errr... they've been dragging their rotting limbs along quickly anyway!

And the goal of the month is to decide which of these trends really is "the new vampire". Seriously, I read somewhere that zombies are the new vampires and had to laugh because it's kind of silly thinking of book trends that way.

But anywho... if you have any favorites or are an author or publicist with a new steampunk or zombie title coming out this year drop by and let me know!
-- Rhi

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vvb32 reads said...

i'm looking forward to your reviews as both of these interest me greatly. enjoy the reads.


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