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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [03/05-03/07]

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Hello? Is there anybody out there? I've been making a point to sit down and write for the blog all week but no comments and well... I only have 9 followers so I'm not sure if anyone even sees what I have to say. lol But I want to change that! Which makes me curious... how do you other bloggers promote your blog?

This weekend I doubt I'll have much time for reading. Family functions and a spa date with my awesome MIL on Saturday. There's nothing like a relaxing pedi and some girl time to sooth the savage mom-wife-housekeeper-slavetocats-beast. ;) I may even persuade my husband to take the baby for a while this evening and take a bath for the first time in over a year. No really! If you've ever been preggers you'll get why I was too uncomfortable for them last year. My only excuse since then is not having the time to scrub the tub and then use it. I'm not really a bubble bath kind of gal. My nana always used Kama Sutra Treasures of the Sea bath salts when I visited as a kid so I'm a salts snob now. hehe. Mmm, a nice soothing soak and maybe a chapter of Lover Avenged sans baby. Yup, sounds like a plan to me.

I will probably get My Soul to Take finished if anything reading wise happens. I really love Rachel Vincent's writing. I keep having to remind myself that Kaylee and Faythe are written by the same woman. Which reminds me... my mission during said spa date: convince the MIL to read the BDB books and Shifters books I sent home with the FIL when she was sick a couple weeks ago. She's a big time rereader and keeps rereading the Vampire Academy books instead of feasting on the other stuff I sent.

So... if any of you readers are out there reading this... what are your pampering and relaxation rituals? Who do you strong arm into reading your favorite books? And what are YOU going to be reading this weekend? -- Rhi

Edit: OMG I completely spaced that I wanted to point out I have started an author and series listing going and got it up to view yesterday. Do please check it out and know it's not even close to being done. I can already think of six authors I don't have up yet but will add as soon as I have time to sit and edit the list some more. Check it out:

Author Site & Series List

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