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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [03-12-03-14]

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I could swear I just wrote one of these posts! Where is the month of March rushing off to eh?

I'm certainly ready for a little R&R&R (rest, relaxation and reading!) this weekend. But Saturday is date night. With jobs, housework, kids and other obligations it isn't often my husband and I get time to have a date night. Granted his idea of date night involves watching a movie together on a weeknight and then going to bed... yeeeah no. I've requested that we have our first real date-night since the wee one joined the family ranks. Drop the big kids off with the grandparents for a couple of hours and he and I can go out for an adult dinner with the wee one. Afterall, the little one isn't going to order a $6 plate of chicken fingers and chocolate milk which she will only pick at for three minutes before proclaiming she's bored and wants to go home. :P My man doesn't seem too thrilled with the idea but I need some adult time and I would sure like to have a nice dinner that I didn't have to cook for a change. Those of you readers out there with significant others... how often do you get a date-night and what sorts of things do you and your special man/lady do?

Aside from date-night and a little bit of home repair-ish stuff I intend to dive into my books and work a little more on my latest embroidery project. Since it's fae month around here I'm stitching a faery sitting on a toadstool onto a tea towel. I plan to add some four-leaf clovers in the other corners if I like how the fairy turns out. I'll be sure and share the photos when it's finished. :)

While I reeeeeally want to just read The Iron King (my tweets should tell you how much I am loving this book!!!) this weekend I was hoping to surprise you lot with a review of The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance on St. Paddy's. At the rate I'm reading it though I don't think I'll be ready to review it. So I hope to get a solid chunk of it done and still let myself get really indulgent with The Iron King. My husband, as it happens, is reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, which I shall be sure to read eventually myself. Have any of my readers read it yet? Thoughts?

That's all folks! Hope you each had a spectacular week and that you get plenty of reading time this weekend.
-- Rhi

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vvb32 reads said...

curious to hear how your hubby likes the vampire hunter book. that looks like a fun one. happy reading to you.
btw: you've just been awarded


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