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RhiReading Feature: Creative Corner {Scented Bookmark}

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Hello there again dear readers! It's time for another creative corner post. Originally I wanted to do a video tutorial for these and make it part of an Earth Day blog about buying used books, reusing and repurposing stuff to make bookmarks/covers and so on. Alas I don't have anyone who can really take the video and I have yet to grow a third arm so I figured I would just get going on it today while I had a spare half hour to work.

I got the idea for these scented bookmarks a couple of years ago when I asked some folks at a forum I visited what they use to mark their books. I'd always used whatever was handy (gum wrappers, receipts, a square of TP) if I didn't have a traditional bookmark handy and thought it was an interesting topic for off topicness. While many readers like to use regular bookmarks there were some neat ones I hadn't thought of too. One woman said she uses pretty hangtags from clothes she buys. That got me saving all the pretty scraps of ribbon from Victoria's Secret to use. I also tried using cute sticky notes from Target's dollar spot because then I could write words I wanted to look up on them. Before that I always kept those magazine subscription cards handy to write the words on cause I always had a stack of them nearby my bed. But what else is always in magazines?

Scented perfume adverts!

Some people hate them. I've heard more complaints about them than nice things. I've always loved them. I'm a little pouty if I buy a mag and it doesn't have them to be honest. I'm one of those women who never feels properly dressed without fragrance. I can be in yoga pants and a baggy tee with no make-up but splash me with some perfume and I feel much more confident. So I thought I'd try making a bookmark out of them and the result is this easy craft you see here!

I even raided my husband's mags for some manly scents to add to my collection. The only problem I've had was that they DO make my books smell like them even if I stop using them. This was a little problematic when I was suffering through the nausea phase of pregnancy. I don't use them all the time but I enjoy the pick-me-up of a scent when I've had a stressful day and I'm relaxing. I hope you enjoy this idea and please do not forget to read the disclaimer section!!!
-- Rhi

To make a scented bookmark you will need:

1. A specific book or a bookmark that is about the same size as what you want your scented one to be. You may also choose to measure out yours using a ruler.

2. A magazine that has scent pages advertising perfumes, cologne or another scented item (I've seen them for deoderant, fabric softeners and alcohol too!). Fashion magazines and men's seem to be the best sources for these.

3. A pair of sharp scissors. You may also want to use scissors with decorative edges, I don't happen to have any handy so I just used plain old craft scissors.

Optional: curling ribbon, fabric ribbon, a hole punch or shape punch

Step #1. Find a perfume advertisement you like. Focus more on a scent you can tolerate than cuteness, though both are certainly a plus!

Remember: Do NOT pull apart the glued scented section! Leave it as is. Sometimes they will not be glued from end to end. Try to use only the glued section when you cut yours out.

Step #2. Tear or cut out your chosen advert. If the picture is really cute (as shown in the example here) I try and save part of that section to use for an unscented bookmark.

Step #3. Use your book or another bookmark as a guide for what size you want your scented bookmark to be. I usually just use one I already have as a guide 'cause I'm lazy and just cut around the outside of it.

I prefer to cut them along the very edge but you may want a wider marker, either is okay but the next step may make a difference in how you want yours.

Step #4. Cut your scent section in any manner you like to allow the scent to escape. The more you cut the stronger it will smell and the sooner the scent will fade.
The examples in the image above were cut as follows: (left to right) no cuts at all, folded in half and cut hearts and diamonds into middle then unfolded, fringe style at the top, cut a few slits in the middle and threaded a fabric ribbon through the slits, cut the top and bottom to mimic fancy scallop edge scissors, cut fringe style along the bottom, cut fringe style along the top edge.
My personal favorite is the simple fringe style across the top but I like the ribbon one too.

Now you just pop it into your book and enjoy!

There are a couple of things you need to consider before trying this craft. One of them is that these bookmarks WILL make your books smell long after you're done using them. Also, I don't know if the scents or glue will damage your books, I've had no problems with mine but I want you to be warned: you're using these at your own risk.

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