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RhiReading Feature: Creative Corner {Zombie Embroidery}

I'm not a very gifted artist or crafter. I can't say I cook well either. But I enjoy working with my hands so these kind of hobbies appeal to me. From time to time I come across a really neat craft or recipe I want to try. So I've decided I wanted to add a somewhat off-topic-ish RhiReading Feature to share now and again... and I've decided on the really uncreative name of Creative Corner. I'm open to suggestions for a better name!

So for my first feature I wanted to share something new I'm trying. Embroidery!

I know. I know. You're probably picturing your granny's flower edged pillowcases and initialed handkerchiefs. I promise this embroidery is way cooler.

Back in February one of my favorite magazines had this little tiny article suggesting getting together with friends for crafting bees. I loved the idea but I not only suck at crafts, I don't really have any local friends I could get together with for this kind of thing. Fun as it would be to kick the hubs and co. out for an evening of B.Y.O.B. craftiness and gossip I don't really have a posse suited to it. But I liked the picture they showed with the article and thought I would check out where it came from. Enter the work of Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching.

Now I had never embroidered anything. I can sew a little and I once attempted crochet (okay, several times because my friends in high school were into it) but embroidery always looked so delicate and involved! Or so I thought. Hart's site and her products make it all look super easy and guess what? I bought a kit and made a freakin' awesome bib for the baby on Saturday night. While my man and I relaxed and watched a few epi.s of Castle I managed to make an adorable bib. It isn't perfect and my stitches definitely show my lack of skill but I had fun making something cute and usable. The baby seems to think so too. ;)

So now I'm hooked. But why am I sharing this with you dear urban fantasy readers? Because Sublime Stitching has patterns for embroidery that aren't your typical flowers and tea pots. Dude! She has Zombies and Monsters, Gothic Grandeur and Vital Organs (just to name a few). You can stitch an anatomically correct heart on your favorite tee shirt or tombstones on your kitchen towels! :D

I'm still working on baby bibs but I want to a door hanger for when the baby is napping that has a little devil on it. But more than that I'm inspired to make up a pattern or two of my own. I would love to get a slip of fabric I could embroider some vampire teeth on to use as a bookmark. Or maybe I could work up a book tote featuring some zombies to pack my books around.

Do any of you know of any super nifty urban fantasy or book based crafts?
-- Rhi


vvb32 reads said...

love the zombie theme. just wanted to mention urban threads as a fun source for embroidery. steampunk there too.

Rhianna said...

Ooooh. Very good stuff. Thank you! Love the different themes they have. The steampunk stuff is really cool. :D


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