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RhiReading... The Book Club?

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I won't say how long I have been working on an eventual topic I plan to write about relating to book related websites. Let me just say it's been many moons. But in that time I found a website where you can host your book club. Whether it's purely an online book club or one that meets in your local coffeeshop every other Thursday you can have your own spiffy little web group.

I've never been in a book club myself. Always had an interest in them but dude! I don't read all that literature they all seem to focus on. Not that I dislike literature. (Actually, I like a lot more of it than I let on.) I just prefer popular fiction. I'm not someone who takes easily to whatever the new "it" book is. For example... back when The Shack was topping the best seller lists a friend of mine read it. She knows how I feel about religion and God, yet there we were in Walmart one afternoon and she dropped it in my cart and said I HAD to buy it. Not only did I have no interest in it because of the religious concept of it, I wasn't pleased that she strong armed me into buying it. Because I spent the $$ on it I read it and though I don't want to go into my views on the touchy topic of higher powers and spirituality the book really bothered me.

I read for the same reason people watch television. Entertainment. I don't sit and watch only movies or shows with a message. I want to just laugh or cheer over something frivolous, not have messages about life drilled into me. So why would I want to join a book club that isn't about having fun reading?

But enough of me getting side tracked...

I thought I'd like to put together a RhiReading book club online. I'd love to do one locally but I doubt I can find many busy moms who read mostly urban fantasy and paranormal romances looking to meet up once a month.

I am putting the group together and choosing some book selections for the first few months just to see what comes of it. I'd like to give it a trial run over the summer months so be on the lookout for more info closer to summer. ;)

And in the meantime if any of you readers have any advice or suggestions about running an online book club leave a comment.
-- Rhi

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