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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [02/26-02/28]

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What an exhausting week! I think I tweeted that I was going to put the baby's socks back on and write up my weekend reading post around 2pm but wouldn't ya know it? I got sidetracked with another blog post and the fun that is playing with a baby's toes. ;)

Yes, this week I decided to repurpose my old twitter account for the book blog! I've never been consistent with twitter or facebook. I think they serve a great purpose in the whole social networking thing but I don't even have a cell phone. No really. I could have one if I wanted one but I don't. Sure they're handy when you're out and about and someone at home needs you to bring home a jug of milk. The trouble is I feel like I'm on a leash and if you don't pick up when someone calls they wonder if you're mad at them, etc. Still, I thought I might try limiting my tweets to book and blog related stuff.

I remember when I first got it all my friends were confused about why I wasn't following all the celebrities. One friend even told me the only reason to be on Twitter was to read what famous people were doing. As much as I would love to know what the stars are up to every minute of every day—

Oh wait. Yeah. I really don't. Not any more than they want to know what I'm having for lunch, that my kid has a cold and how much I wish it was pedicure day.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter or just read my tweets in the blog's sidebar. :)

So what am I up to this weekend in the world of reading? I plan to finish Bite Me! by Melissa Francis. I emailed her earlier this month asking if she'd write a guest blog post for me but wouldn't ya know I didn't get back to her after she replied. *kicking self* So I plan to write her back this weekend too. I was thinking maybe she'd like to be interviewed instead of writing a guest blog post. If anyone has any questions they would like me to ask please email me with them.

I'm also slowly working my way through Lover Avenged still. While Zsadist is my favorite Brother, I was stricken by Rhev from the moment he walked onto the page. He's been a really fascinating character through the series so I'm taking this one slower than I have any of the others. That and I only read it when in bed since it's hard to hold it and the baby. hehe!

And on that note dear readers I'm afraid I must retire for the night. I'm oh-so-sleepy and a nice cup of Sleepytime Tea and a little Black Dagger Brotherhood sounds like just the thing to start the weekend with. Good night!
-- Rhi

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