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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [02/19-02/21]

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Wow. Erm how can it be Friday already? :P

It's been a busy week around here. Mostly it involved me deciding to try and find a new (free) layout that could spruce it up a bit. If I had a following big enough that I could tell anyone besides me reads my posts it might be worth seeking out a designer to pay for a custom layout/design but for now it's too pricey. So what do you think of the one I finally settled on?

I was also busy trying to go through boxes of books in my garage. My mom-in-law is a fast reader. Way faster than I am. So I was trying to get series together so she'd have the whole of each to read. I don't know how much she'll like everything I gave her but she already finished the two I gave her last weekend. "The ending of that last one was so sad!", she told me this afternoon, referring to Richelle Mead's Blood Promise. Now I'm wondering whether she, her son or myself will be the first one to get Spirit Bound read when it comes out this summer.

I've only read the first three Immortals After Dark books by Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter is celebrating the release of the latest IAD book over @ her blog this week. One of these days I will get caught up! I promise! I mention these because I found the above mention trio in the garage boxes but can't find the other two I know are out there. *sulk, sulk*

So what fun stuff are you readers doing this weekend? I'll be celebrating my husband's birthday—he's getting Castle Season One, some books and a Mighty Muggs figure—and hopefully getting some solid reading time. I want to finish How Not to Make a Wish and I am getting there but I'm really mad at Kira, the heroine. Does that ever happen to any of you? You read a book and the heroine does something reeeeeeeeally annoyingly stupid even though you're mentally shouting at her not to do it?

Well, it's about time I start looking toward some dinner. I'm debating hitting up my favorite online pizza ordering place so I can relax over dinner and a movie with my sweety. Law Abiding Citizen, not sure if it's any good but hello... it's Gerard Butler! At the very least there'll be something to look at. ;)

Hope you all have an awesome weekend filled with the three R's... rest, relaxation and reading!

P.S. - I've seen these before and I am in LOOOOVE with them. Today I found this artist again by sheer coincidence and felt it was essential that I post a link to these beautiful one-of-a-kind steampunky jewelry bits. My favorites are Captain Nemo's Treasure and The Ghost of Lady Grey. Enjoy!

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