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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [02/12-02/14]

You can ask the question "why do you read romance?" in any given group of women and get largely diverse answers as a whole. One theme will prevail above all others though, escape. The fantasy of love as an adventure appeals to everyone. It is, just like life itself, all about the process and not so much the end result. Why do you think so many fairy tales end with "and they lived happily ever after"? Because if they continued beyond the chase into the story of how they lived happily ever after you'd see that love is as complex as the seasons changing.

A while back I was part of a forum discussion relating to this subject and many fellow readers were offended by my realistic take on romance and love. Don't get me wrong I love those happy endings where the hero and heroine ride off into the sunset blissful and ignorant as much as anyone. But I also love knowing that the hero and heroine ride off into the sunset and find out how sucktastic making love work really is. Why? Just like other readers enjoy the fantasy side of the chase and believing love is attainable, I like knowing that it isn't perfect. It makes me feel better to know that even fictional lovers can make it through the crapaliciousness of conflicts life throws at those who love. I mean... if Zsadist and Bella can survive rape, torture and hunting lessers surely they can get through the sleepless nights with a newborn Nalla?

Having been married for ten years and gone through multiple moves, lots of separations thanks to military service, scary health traumas, two kids of our own, his kid and his ex, sucky jobs and suckier paychecks, family dramas and the little everyday annoyances (seriously, why can't he put his underpants in the hamper one foot away from where he drops them?) it amazes me how fictional couples can ever truly live happily ever after. Even still I can't help but think that if my man and I were a star-crossed vampire and his moon-called werewolf bride we could make it work.

So this weekend while I'm stuck at home entertaining the three kids indoors—thanks to the yucky Montana climate—and my sweetie is stuck at work ('cause blood has to be processed 7 days a week) I might be diving into the fantasy world of the romance novel (Lover Avenged, because frankly I couldn't put it off any longer!!!) but it's my own real love that I admire. ♥ -- Rhi

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