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Review: How Not to Make a Wish by Mindy Klasky

How Not to Make a Wish (As You Wish #1) by Mindy Klasky
Contemporary Romance, Magical Realism
Trade Paperback (MIRA, 336 pages, $13.95)
ISBN# 077832737X
While cleaning an old lantern, Kira Franklin releases a genie. But this gender-morphing, appearance-bending creature doesn't do "big" wishes. So forget stopping world hunger or ending war. And still heartbroken from the jerk who dumped her, Kira doesn't believe in the perfect man.
So she wishes for her dream job. Stage manager at the hottest theater in town, the Landmark. And presto: she's running Romeo and Juliet. Except, like everything else these days, this is one crazy production. And now Teel, the genie, insists she finish her wishes so "he" can move on.
Her second wish is about her appearance, which isn't exactly catching her third wish's eye. And there's the rub.
Because that old saying about being careful what you wish for is so spot-on. And Kira is about to discover that moxie, not magic, is what can make all your dreams come true.

Author Site: www.mindyklasky.com

Magic but not quite magical. (3 stars)

Things haven't been too great in Kira Franklin's life for a while. Her ex-fiance dumped her, the dinner theater she's working at is a dead-end for her stage managing career and her lawyer father has been breathing down her neck trying to get her to give up theater and take the LSAT. But all that changes when she cleans up an old lantern found in the prop closet... and a genie pops out ready to grant Kira's wishes. Her first wish? Become the stage manager for the Landmark's newest production. Surely, stage managing the totally nouveau production of Romeo and Juliet will open doors for Kira's career.

Yet, as Kira enjoys her new job her genie begins putting the pressure on for her to finish up with her wishes. Catching the eye of one of her sexy cast would be a plus, if only she could get out of her sweats and back into her skinny jeans and voila! Having a genie on her side certainly has its perks but Kira is about to learn that sometimes you don't need wishes and magic to get what you want most of all.

Alright, so I assume most are wondering why the okay rating. I liked Klasky's Jane Madison book I read last fall a lot. So I was really interested in seeing what she could do with a story involving a genie. I mean, there aren't enough genie stories out there anyway! How Not to Make a Wish has a really good plot if you're into theater. I definitely recommend it for people who are into stage plays and theater who want to read a romance. All the technical stuff was a bit lost on me since the last time I was involved in a play it was performed by elementary school aged children. I found myself really wanting to call up a friend of mine who is heavily involved in this sort of stuff in college so she could help me picture some of the stage stuff. That is why I found it to be only okay. It can be frustrating to read something you expect to be entertaining and find yourself too unclear about the details to focus.

My other small issue was the romance itself. Most perceptive readers can pick up on it right away so they'll expect (or at least I did) a little more interaction and character development for the love interest. When the book ended I felt like I didn't know enough about him to be sure I felt any chemistry between he and Kira. That might not bug all readers but it's essential for me as a reader.

On the whole this IS a good book. It's just not the book for me. If you're an urban fantasy reader or paranormal romance reader looking for a fun genie story this really isn't it. BUT if you're in the market for a contemporary romance with a touch of magic this should be right up your alley.

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Notes: I received this book as a review copy I requested from the author.

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