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Love Bites... and other thoughts on reading in February.

No, I haven't forgotten you dear readers! I think I may finally be getting my writing groove back.

I don't recall if I've mentioned it before but not only did I have a baby last October, I bought my first house. After spending the past seven years in an apartment that could fit into the living room of my house the room to breath has been welcome if a little overwhelming. Of course, the small window-less basement room I had staked a claim on as my "writer's nook" ended up becoming my darling husband's "man cave". This left me with only one place to set up shop. The laundry room. Not the most ideal locale for a quiet escape where I can shelf my books, handle our household paperwork and kick back to write thoughtful reviews. But my sweetie went to the trouble of ripping out cabinets and counter, installing a new sink and finding a new home for the... pottybox for my furred companions. Now I just need to get some paint on the exposed wall, buy some book shelves and sneak my door length Legolas poster in—I did not just admit that—and it should be somewhat suitable.

It's great having a new "office" and it always smells really fresh in there but I don't get to spend much actual time in it. Why? Well, the baby isn't so fond of the rinse cycle on the washer even though her swing has a rather annoying and loud music track on it. This has resulted in a frequent hijacking of our older child's computer in the wee hours of the morning when the baby is wide awake. I am starting to suspect the baby is a vampire with her aversion to daylight hours and love of Rob Zombie music (thanks for killing Beethoven daddy).

So as January has been drawing to a close I was off for an afternoon at the spa with my truly awesome mother-in-law...

We always have a tough time buying her Christmas gifts so a few years back we started with the Harry Potters and then the Narnias and last year for her birthday we thought we'd be a little daring and give her Twilight. That crazy woman was hounding me about the New Moon movie and if we were going to the first showing for months! But how do you top that series? I decided to be even more daring and bought her the boxed Sookie Stackhouse set this past Christmas. I figured she hadn't had time to read them yet so as we were sitting there getting our feet pampered I asked her if she had started them. Wouldn't ya know it? She got this big sneaky grin on her face and looked a bit bashful.

"I've read them all. Twice. And then some."

My jaw about hit the floor. I own that same boxed set and I still hadn't cracked the plastic wrap on it. And here I was afraid she wouldn't like them! So this lead to me loaning her True Blood Season One. I thought her sensibilities would be quite shocked by all the man-ass (yes, this was the word I used to warn her which she found hysterical) and bewbies. Today she dropped by to bring over some cinnamon rolls and she had to double check with me that yes I had told her Season Two would be out on DVD/Bluray on May 2nd... and did I have any other books like those she might like?

Ladies and gentlemen... I have created a monster. A good one but one I don't think I can keep up with.

I had already planned to make February my month of romance and vampires so I hope y'all will forgive me for being very indulgent in any of my reading choices. I haven't had time to catch up on The Black Dagger Brotherhood or Vampire Academy thanks to their latest releases being hardbacks. But I do also owe an author a huge apology and a review of her latest release. I happened to start her book and then couldn't find it after the move. I am finally getting some of my books unpacked so expect to see a genie thrown in there for good measure!

I love Valentine's Day. Always have enjoyed it, even when I didn't have a love in my life. So here's to a month of romantic reads!
-- Rhi

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