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It's a dog eat blog world out there!

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I had all intentions of sitting down and working on one of my pending reviews while the baby was napping but I got a bit caught up in my blogroll. Primarily in reading something Katiebabs wrote. I feel like I have to share because I really sympathize and relate to some of her thoughts.

Don’t Play In Our Sandbox Because You’re Not a Part of the “In-Crowd”

I hope she doesn't mind me quoting her here but something in particular she said really resonated with me as a blogger:

"There are many blogs I hold up to a higher standard and are amazed at what they do. Because I respect them so much, I use them as an example and try to replicate their success with my own blog. Now this success isn’t because of who they may be or the position they have in this community, but mainly for my own personal reasons and gains."

I have to say I look at her blog in that way a bit. I can't imagine anyone thinking her blog wasn't amazing! I wish I had as much time and skill to put into RhiReading as KB does for her blog because her success, accessibility and creativity are things I admire and aspire to. But that's just it... I see her success not as a matter of numbers (as in the number of people who visit her blog) but as a matter of whether people ENJOY her blog. That fact is why I sometimes don't feel like my blog is particularly good. I can't tell if anyone enjoys it since I don't get a lot of comments and have few followers.

I'm learning though. You can have all the gimicks in the world and people won't love your blog if you're not posting anything worth reading. So I'll keep sharing my reviews and posting random thoughts about what I'm reading and life as a reader/blogger and if you like it cool, if not well... I won't lie and say I wish you loved my blog and wanna be my fan... but I'll try not to care too much if it's just not for you. Why? Because hey, I'm a reader and a reviewer. Sometimes a book just isn't for me! ;)
-- Rhi

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