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A Faevorite Theme for March 2010

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I have a love/hate relationship with the month of February. I love Valentine's Day. I hate sub-zero temperatures. I love the slightly longer daylight hours. I hate the mud when the snow begins to melt on the few days we get sunshine. I love the perfect four week month. I hate scrambling to get the mortgage paid without those 2-3 extra days. The list goes on.

I'm not sad to see the arrival of March at all this year. When I was a kid my grandparents always pulled out shiny green garland, cheap plastic bowler hats and cardboard rainbows with crepe paper pots o' gold at one end to decorate their office. As proud Irish-Americans we made damn sure everyone knew about it. When my grandfather passed away in my teens the tradition stopped. But I've always been quite interested in the folklore of my ancestors so the arrival of March with its silly St. Patrick's Day traditions brings to mind not just leprechauns but fae stories in general.

Many authors have taken the idea of fairies and faery culture and run with it. And what better myth to work with really? You can make them cute or mischievous, evil or apathetic, romantic or erotic, ugly or androgynous. There is so much you can do with the different ideas of faery that it is easily one of the most usable races to use in urban fantasy and paranormal romances. For example Virginia Kantra's Children of the Sea series which are selkie romances or the faery reservations (think those given to Native Americans) from Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson books.

Which is why as February comes to an end and March begins I'm going to move from vampires to faeries! I have a stack of books I've been dying to get to including Rachel Vincent's first two Soul Screamers books (banshee!) and Richelle Mead's second Dark Swan book, Thorn Queen. Maybe I'll even pull out my Faery Wisdom deck and consult it daily too. Because we could all use a little bit of myth and magick in our everyday lives couldn't we? -- Rhi

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