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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [01/08-01/10]

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Why am I writing up about my weekend reading at 5 o'clock in the morning on Friday instead of some more sane hour? Because if I don't do it now while the baby is asleep I might not find the time later.

Ten years ago when I had my first born I had been a pretty avid reader. The moment I became a mother I stopped reading. Didn't pick up another book until the baby was 2 years old. Thinking back on it I was wondering why I waited so long and what finally prompted me to pick up books again. Weirdly enough my getting back into reading after my first baby was the result of two very different things. The first being 9/11, which happened while I was living overseas and very far from my family, home and the safety I had felt there. The second was the first Lord of the Rings film. It was one of those series of books that I'd never sat down to read and like a total lame-o I watched the movie and had to go buy the books and read them.

Fast forwarding ten years to baby #2 and I may not have the time for reading like I want but I'm hoping this kid will grow up to love reading like I do... unlike the older sibling whose idea of reading involves either comic books or game guides.

So this weekend when I have one hand free to hold a book—while the other arm and hand are busy with baby duties—I will be working on E.A. Moorat's, Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter and finishing up the final chapters of Magic in the Shadows by Devon Monk. Why? Because this month I am all about female empowerment and girls who just plain kick ass.

On that note, what kick-butt chicks in fiction (or fact for that matter) do you readers love?
-- Rhi

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