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Review: Fugitive by Cheryl Brooks

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Fugitive (The Cat Star Chronicles #5) by Cheryl Brooks
Paranormal Romance, Sci-fi Romance, Erotica
Mass Market Paperback (SOURCEBOOKS CASABLANCA, 416 pages, $6.99)
ISBN# 1402229402
When a Zetithian fugitive meets a beautiful Earth woman, their passion may cost them both their lives…
Manx is a Zetithian fugitive with a feline gene that gives him remarkable sexual powers. He has been in hiding in the remote jungles of Barada Seven ever since being marked for extermination by the violent Nedwuts.
Artist Drusilla arrives on Barada Seven, enticed only by the promise of finding a nature paradise there. But she discovers a wildlife she wasn't expecting when she encounters Manx. Reckless with desire for the beautiful Earth woman, Manx risks his life to win her as his mate.
It's only a matter of time until the Nedwuts find them, but it will take all of Manx and Drusilla's passion, skill, and ingenuity to survive.

Author Site:

Erotic Romance or Chick Porn? (3 stars)

Drusilla's last boyfriend turned out to be gay so when her agent sends her off to Barada Seven to get away from it all and paint the last thing she is looking for is a man. The froggy natives keep a very peaceful planet and invite offworlders to stay in a luxurious lakeside house that offers just the sort of relaxation and avian wildlife Drusilla needs. But when she meets the local potty-mouthed lake monster, an eltran named Zef, he insists that she meet his friend Manx.

Manx, unlike his fellow Zetithian males, has never really been a slave. He's been on the run since the destruction of their homeworld never staying anywhere once the Nedwuts catch wind of him. Hiding out in the jungle of Barada Seven has been alright with Zef to keep him company but one whiff of the woman staying at the lake house is all he needed to decide he needed a little more.

Meanwhile, Jack and the gang are searching not only for other Zetithians still rumored to be alive and in hiding but also for the source of the enormous bounty set on their heads. And when a pack of Nedwuts set their sights on Barada Seven and the newly coupled Manx and Drusilla you can bet Jack and company aren't going to let them get away with murder.

If you're looking for a more stand-alone Cat Star book I kind of think this one would be it. While the overall series plot about the bounty on Zethitians is finally starting to unravel some in this one I felt like there was some lacking in flow from the other books to this one. For one, Manx wasn't as well explained background wise as the other heroes in the series thus far. To be honest I thought both he and Drusilla were boring. I enjoyed the stuff going on with secondary characters and our previous heroes and heroines more than the romance between these two.

As far as Brooks improving on the third person narrative I think she nailed it this time! The flow from perspective to perspective was much better this book and I think it will work well for those who don't like first person romances.

Aside from not really liking the hero and heroine in this story I had one reeeeally big problem. I enjoy erotica and I enjoy romance. Romantica done right can be really good too when I'm in the mood for that kind of reading. In Warrior the dirty talk was a little edgy but primarily I liked it. Unfortunately in Fugitive the dirty talk wasn't really dialog between characters but rather in the descriptions of the sexual scenes. The wording choices and general tone reminded me of a porno script and instead of being a turn-on was a real turn-off for me. Not all readers will find it off-putting but I personally don't care for phrases like "fucking his wife's mouth" or "meaty cock" in a romance.

In the end this is my least favorite in the series so far but definitely a pivotal story in the series flow so if you're following it I think it is a must read.

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