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Review: Sex and the Psychic Witch by Annette Blair

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Sex and the Psychic Witch (Triplet Witch trilogy #1) by Annette Blair
Paranormal Romance, Witches
Mass Market Paperback (BERKLEY SENSATION, 304 pages, $7.99)
ISBN# 0425216632
Introducing the Cartwright sisters-Harmony, Destiny and Storm-triplets and unstoppable seductresses.
Harmony, the buyer for her sisters' vintage curio shop, can read objects and learn of their former owners. Now, a Celtic ring leads her to a castle on the coast of Massachusetts. King Paxton's money-pit is cursed, and he hopes that this leggy blonde can help him find peace with an angry ghost, a disgruntled renovation crew-and his own heart.

Author Site:

Sex and the Nymphomaniacal Witch...? (3 stars)

Harmony Cartwright has a gift. As one of a triplet trio of witches she has the ability to touch an object and learn things about previous owners. Since she and her sisters run a vintage curio shop this ability certainly comes in handy in finding some of most authentic and valuable items. But when a garage sale dress calls out to her in more ways than one she finds herself with a psychic mandate which leads her to Paxton Castle on the coast of Salem, Massachusetts.

Visiting the castle might not be a big deal if it wasn't under renovation and haunted by one very unhappy witch's spirit. Maybe it might be simple if the castle's owner—the aptly named King Paxton—weren't struggling to get the renovations done so he can sell it. If only the ghost of a disgruntled witch weren't making chaos with her wailing and moaning surely Paxton and his crew would be finished. Enter Harmony Cartwright and the ghostly presence seems tamed. But can Paxton tame Harmony and finish the renovations without getting killed by his ghostly haunter?

This was definitely a tough book for me as a reader. Blair isn't a bad writer but after reading a couple of her stories now I've found that I really don't care for the emphasis being so heavily on the sexual side of the relationship. Sure, this book's title does point in that direction but sexual chemistry can't be the only thing driving a romance... right?

The plot was a bit formulaic with some decent twists thrown in. I do love that Blair finds a way to make family important to her characters and finds ways to weave that element into her stories. What I felt was missing here though was a thread of realism to counter-balance the paranormal (in this case witches, ghosts and magic). The quickness with which Paxton and his friends accept the paranormal explanations and the quirky Cartwright sisters didn't give me enough conflict to sell the story well.

If you're looking for a quick, slightly fluffy read with lots of sex (and Blair does write good sex) and cutesey bits I think you'd probably like this book a lot. Unfortunately it just wasn't solid enough for me to love.

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