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Rhi vs. Life: The Battle Continues

Just popping in my dear readers to let y'all know I am indeed still alive. If barely. :P

Things are going okay around here. We're moving forward on our home purchase and it randomly occurred to me last night what a great writer's office one room of the new house would make. The soon-to-be former-owner was an avid hunter so he kept a room just for his guns and such... not a huge room but it's bigger than either bathroom and is somewhat secluded under the stairs which makes it a kinda neat place for a writer to hide away. Now how to break the news to my hubby that it's MINE!?!?! Hopefully by Halloween we'll be moving our things into the new house. I haven't actually lived in a house (only apartments and townhouses/duplexes) since I was a tween so the idea of not sharing walls with neighbors is reeeeally starting to excite me.

On the baby front no real news to report. We honestly thought the little pumpkin would be here already. Our first born was born a few weeks early and I have a family history of it but this one can't make up 'her' mind. Lots of contractions and laying awake at night trying to decide if it's time yet but so far no baby. With the actual due date less than two weeks away we know it will be any minute but sheesh! I can just imagine my Evil Fetus (as we've taken to jokingly calling 'her') humming "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash while these contractions come and go.

And the not so awesome news has been saved for last. I know it's everywhere right now but our town has been hit very hard with the H1N1 virus. We're waiting very impatiently for our chance to get vaccinated because of the baby but it's just not here yet! Very frustrating. Especially since our son was diagnosed with it last week. :( Since I am high risk (pregnant, asthmatic) I've been a little stressed and taking care of him and my husband (who caught something else from the doctor's office) has lead to me now being down with a cold or some such nasty. No fever yet so the docs won't treat me for anything or bother testing for H1N1. Wish me luck keeping this crud from getting me sick. For my sake and our baby.

So that is where I'm at. Been trying to get some reading caught up since I've had a lot of late nights thanks to coughing family members, a lot of afternoons spent lying in bed with contractions and a plain old fashioned lack of energy! I managed to finish Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire, The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter and Prey by Rachel Vincent. A really good bunch if you were interested. I hope to get them reviewed when I have more time and brain power. Last night I got started on Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men by Molly Harper and so far it is fabulous!!!

Hope you're all enjoying some great autumnal weather and reading some great books. Has anyone read Covet yet? Is it any good? Will hopefully be a new home-owner and a new mommy again when I check in next! Take care and if I happen to miss it have a very Happy Halloween!
-- Rhi


E.RobertArt said...

I Rhi, just checking on you! Perhaps your little Pumpkin is waiting for Halloween or really late, YOUR Birthday to come on out! Happy to hear you getting excited about your NEW house! Hope you have nothing more than a cold and everyone gets to feeling better. Stay Safe, love ya kiddo...Queeny

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