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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [09/11-09/13]

Is it Friday yet? It is? Woohoo!

Maybe it's just me but even with the holiday it has been one long and busy week. But you can feel autumn creeping up around here. There was frost on the grass Thursday morning! Got to enjoy the not-too-hot, not-too-cold weekend the Weather Channel insists we're going to have. Which means getting in some grocery shopping and housework. My desk looks like a bomb went off on it, perhaps it's due for another sorting and cleaning? ;)

What's everyone out there in blogland got planned?

I'm almost finished with Secondhand Spirits which has been pretty good so far. I'm hoping I can get it complete and finish that stalled review for Once a Witch over the weekend. I'm also reading an ARC I got from the Vine program over at Amazon.com called Girl in the Arena. The premise just really blew me away and though the narrative is a little odd I really am enjoying the book, it's smart but still entertaining which not all YA fic manages to do. Since next week is Vine week I will probably focus mostly on GITA until it's done so I can review it before Thursday. Then it'll be back to Witches! But which book to read next? The other four I have sitting here are more romance than urban fantasy so it's a hard choice. I may have to let random.org help me pick if I get stumped. :P I want to read them all NOW! As I often say "too many books, not enough time".

Whatever your plans and reading is this weekend hope it is a terrific one!
-- Rhi

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