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Review: Girl's Guide to Witchcraft by Mindy Klasky

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Girl's Guide to Witchcraft (Jane Madison #1) by Mindy Klasky
Urban Fantasy, Chick-lit Witches
Trade (RED DRESS INK, 432 pages, $13.95)
ISBN# 0373896077
Which is more unlikely?
Meeting a single, straight, reasonably attractive, willing-to-commit man?
Or discovering a secret cache of magic books?
For good-girl Jane Madison, neither has a shot in hell of coming true -- until the day she finds a hidden room...
Now she's done a bit of experimenting and found a spell that makes her irresistible to men -- even those who have previously ignored her. And another that turns a cat into her witch's familiar (a snarky, critical, self-absorbed man -- pretty much a typical male). Though her impulsive acts of magic have brought a warder (sexy, grouchy, elusive and determined to stop her from using magic) down on her, Jane's not willing to let go of this fantastic new life.
Though she wonders about having things that aren't "real," she's having too much fun to stop. After all, no one ever said being a witch was easy...

Author Site:

Witchy Good Chick-lit (5 stars)

What would you do if you discovered a secret room full of dusty, ancient books filled with "magic spells" in your new apartment? Certainly not read one of them out loud. Unless you're Jane Madison, librarian at the Peabridge Free Library in Georgetown. Afterall, Jane specializes in colonial tomes and these certainly look old enough to be an old collection worth learning more about. Until the spell turns that funky cat statue into a walking, talking man with designs on making a snack of Stupid Fish, the neon tetra her ex-fiance gave her. If that isn't the way to make her regret her careless reading the visit from her new Warder, David Montrose, certainly is.

Jane has to choose whether to learn the magic she's unleashed or give up not only the stash of spell books and magical paraphenalia littering her basement but her newly awakened familiar too. Could being a librarian and a witch be such a bad thing? Surely a little charm casting to improve her luck with the man she's been lusting after wouldn't be wrong. Now if only there were a way to keep using her magic without getting herself into trouble!

Now this is one that just hit the spot. I'm not a real big chick-lit reader but it blends so well with witch stories that this one was a real treat. Jane definitely has some moments where she seems too-stupid-to-live when it comes to men but haven't we all had those moments? Her commitment to her librarian job and her love of it are cute, if a little boring at times. Still, she manages, through her strongly written voice, to make a reader care about what happens both to the library and her romantic life. Though a bit cliched, her overtly gay familiar makes for lots of funny moments. Meanwhile her love interests bring a lot of conflict that isn't fully resolved by the end of the book but will definitely lure readers into the next book.

If you're in the market for something different from the dark or erotic urban fantasy and paranormal romances out there this one is worth a read. It's light without being too fluffy and paranormal without being gloom and doomy. Jane isn't a blank slate could-be-any-girl character, yet she manages to be highly likable and genuine. Enjoy!

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