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Review: Rises The Night by Colleen Gleason

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Rises The Night (Gardella Vampire Chronicles #2) by Colleen Gleason
Paranormal Romance, Regency Romance, Vampires
Mass Market Paperback (SIGNET, 352 pages, $7.99)
ISBN# 045122146X
In Italy, a powerful vampire is amassing the power to control the souls of the dead. Lady Victoria Gardella de Lacy-a vampire slayer for just over a year-races across Europe to stop what could be the most deadly army the Gardellas have ever faced. She is accompanied by Sebastian Vioget, a man as tempting as he is untrustworthy.
But when Victoria discovers that she has been betrayed by one of her most trusted allies, the truth will challenge all her powers as a Venator-and as a woman.

Author Site:

In Which Lady Rockley Grows Up (4 stars)

Unfortunately I can't offer a really proper synopsis of this second in the series without spoiling a big event from the first a little so suffice it to say you really should read The Rest Falls Away before you start looking into this book.

A year has passed since Victoria's life took a major turn, a turn which has left her quite emotionally conflicted and unable to carry out her duty as a vampire slayer without spending some time gathering her wits. But what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and with time and reflection Victoria knows she must re-don the mantle of Gardella slayer. Lilith may have fled London for the time being but the vampires won't remain in the shadows forever. Ready for a good fight she returns to the streets of London only to find that there is very little for her to do.

Through a chance encounter Victoria discovers a society of humans who protect vampires which leads her to Italy and a vampire with a scheme to command an army the Venators could not possibly defeat. But who can she trust when Max has gone missing, Sebastian's loyalties are ever wavering and a potential suitor from London may have ties to the very evil she is trying to defeat? Violence, betrayal and sensuality factor highly as Rises The Night.

I wasn't quite sure I liked how the book picked up after the events of the first but once I got into the story I don't think it could really have worked any other way. The Victoria we meet here isn't as innocent and fresh-faced as we've previously seen her. There's a much thicker skin developing as she continues to follow in the Legacy. She's certainly as stubborn as ever but the knocks are becoming harder and she very much grows both as a Venator and as a woman in this installment. The sacrifices she makes for the role she has chosen really make her a character you can back because nothing comes too easily.

As far as the story went this time around I was a bit disappointed that once again it revolved greatly around a vampire and a mystical object. I hope the rest of the series isn't this same thing again and again. What did work very well for me was that Max's role changed a lot. He's been missing for months when the story picks up and the part he plays in the events really kept me guessing. I didn't know when to trust him and when not to. Sebastian's role continued to be the saucy seducer but we begin to see hints at why he has the attitude he has about vampires. Things do get really steamy between he and Victoria which I think most readers kind of hoped for with the first book. You may want to have a tissue handy if you read the first book as this one is equally sad at parts... I don't know about other readers but I do like the reality Gleason writes here.

In general I didn't quite like it as well as the first but there's great potential for a strong follow-up. Great series so far!

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