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Review: The Remarkable Miss Frankenstein by Minda Webber

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The Remarkable Miss Frankenstein by Minda Webber
Paranormal Romance, Regency Romance, Vampires
Mass Market Paperback (LOVE SPELL, 306 pages, $6.99)
ISBN# 0505526379
The problem, Clair realized, was that she was a Frankenstein. Her uncle's fame -
he'd created her cousin Frederick from a bunch of spare parts - was a grave
matter. Everyone in the family was a success, while all she'd managed was a
humiliating misadventure with pigs. But her spirits were rising. The Journal of
Scientific Discovery was promising to publish a paper on the Discovery of the
Decade, and she had a doozy. She simply had to prove Baron Huntsley - man of
distinction, man of renown, man about ton - was a vampire. With his
midnight-black hair, soul-piercing eyes and shiny white teeth, what else cold he
be? Oh yes, the baron wanted a bite of her or she was no scientist. And then
there were all those other monsters. You'd never expect so many in 1828
London! Pretty soon she'd expose them all, and on everybody's lips would

Author Site:

A cute, funny romp through the paranormal side of Regency England. (4 stars)

"The truth at all costs." It's the Frankenstein family motto and what drives Clair Frankenstein to great lengths to prove her theories that creatures of the night exist. The only problem is that so far she's only succeeded in embarrassing herself! But she's bound and determined to make the Scientific Discovery of the Decade award hers. In Regency England a young woman like Clair is considered more than a little eccentric but with a family like hers it isn't hard to excuse some of her stranger behaviors. When she attempts to prove that Baron Huntsley is a vampire she manages to find both a suitor and a man who will foil her many attempts to prove that while he isn't a vampire, someone else must be.

Headstrong and proud, young Miss Frankenstein won't let London rest in peace until she's won the respect she deserves and proven that she is a woman of science worthy of recognition. Even if that means late night meetings in graveyards, breaking into a warlock's kitchen and annoying Baron Huntsley by constantly putting herself in danger. Will Clair be able to prove that the Wolfman of London exists? That vampires stalk the night in search of fresh blood? That her cousin Frederick, a man made from grave robbed body parts, is less the monster than these creatures of the night?

I'm known for not caring too much for Regency set tales but this one was made all the better for it. I very much enjoyed that, while historically not very accurate, a young woman of decent breeding could romp about London so fearlessly. Clair is a little too-stupid-to-live naive at times but she means well and it suits the story well by allowing Baron Hunstley to foil her. The romantic side of the story is a little dull but I wasn't personally that interested in that as much as whether Clair found her proof. There are definitely a few sex scenes to tantalize the readers who are looking for a little spice though!

The humor through-out was cute and the dialog often really witty which I liked. The carefully mentioned secondary characters such as Edgar Allen Poe, Sherlock Holmes and the Van Helsing family enrich the plot. I particularly found a reference to Poe and a taxidermied raven really cheeky.

Summing it all up I think a reader who likes a good spoof/farce and can handle reading a historical and paranormal romance will find this one charming. It's definitely not dark or sequel-worthy but just the sort of funny tale you can enjoy at the beach or on an airplane. Enjoy!

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