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For the love of books... and my husband...

I may have mentioned it here on the blog before but I believe I'm an undiagnosed dyslexic. I'm a bit of a slow reader because I often have to read the same paragraph a few times to understand what's been said. I have two diagnosed dyslexics in the family but I think my desire to read and enjoyment of it as a child kept it under the radar until it was too late. From what I have learned as an adult seeking an explanation for why I struggle with the absorption of the words I would read it seems to be a common problem with undiagnosed dyslexic children, that they train themselves whatever habits they have to get by not realizing they have a problem.

Because I read much more slowly than I would like my husband, who has a newly discovered love of reading, drives me nuts! He can finish a book in three days that would take me a week. Then, he'll spoil it for me if I haven't had time to get to it yet. The rat! But how can I really complain when we finally have a shared interest in the written word? When he finally gets why I sneak down the book aisle at Walmart when I do my grocery shopping to see if any of the week's newest releases is on the shelves. When he drove to two different bookstores over the weekend hoping to find a copy of the fourth Vampire Academy book, Blood Promise, that had maybe been shelved a bit early over the weekend. When he pulled a crumpled five dollar bill from his pocket as I scoped the shelves of the Goodwill at five-minutes-to-closing and gave it to me so I could pick up the six titles (three of which were in brand spankin' new and two of which released in the past month!) I'd plundered from amidst the out-dated pregnancy guides, dozens of copies of Dianetics and extremely worn copies of John Grisham novels. Sorry, big run-on sentence there.

Now if only I had the time to devour these six and the few hundred other unread books I have on the two bookshelves in our room. Before he brings home some big boxes from work tonight so I can put some of them in storage until I have more time to work on them all. I guess my bookshelves are consuming too much space in the room where we're going to be setting up the crib for the new baby and the wee little pumpkin simply HAS to have a crib to sleep in. Apparently we can't put the baby in a dresser drawer (ala his parents with him) or a laundry basket (ala my parents with me) when it's bedtime. Hmm... I guess this would explain my childhood affinity for sitting in laundry baskets.

The good news is that I'm started on To Tempt the Wolf and Once a Witch, the next two books I will be reviewing.

I am very much looking forward to the witchy book reading and reviews for September! I know it's not very PC but I don't really care for a lot of the witch stories out there. The way I was raised has always made it seem that the Wiccan witch approach to magic in fictitious stories is a bit blasphemous. Kind of like some of the angel romances out there that take Christian angels and make them sex objects. It's simply a tough sell for me at times.

As a little girl I always had a thing for the "Halloween witch". The sort of silly stereotypes involving cauldrons, flying on brooms, black cat familiars and pointy hats. When I say I had a thing I really mean it. The only Halloween costume I wore twice was the witch one my mother sewed for me! And I used rubber bands to stick my black cat plushy to our broom and flew around my yard on a regular basis. Yup, while I very much respect and appreciate the Wiccan witch... to me that's more about a spiritual path than casting a spell on a rotten ex-boyfriend or keeping newt eyes in a jar next to the cinnamon in your spice cabinet. One of the other big draws to the Halloween witch stereotype is that they are often portrayed as part of close-knit families of strong, independent women.

Well, that's enough silly rambling from me this Monday morning. I'm off to run some errands and hopefully work on To Tempt the Wolf a bit more. Happy reading and have a terrific week!
-- Rhi

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