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Summer In The City

Ugh. There's nothing like that feeling of molten drudgery that settles over a gal when she realizes that due to lack of funds, available vacation time or whatever there will be no trip out of town over the summer.

I haven't seen the ocean in almost seven years and that was only to fly over it. I don't count that. So if you wanna get technical I haven't seen the ocean in fourteen years! I could totally use a trip to the coast right now. I'm not in search of anything tropical but I must admit I would love to hit the Oregon coast for a few days. Alas that's not feasible right now so I'm stuck in the city—and yes, you smartasses, we have cities in Montana!—for the summer.

I suppose that's not a completely bad thing since I'm pregnant and the idea of fitting into my bikini right now is scary. Nothing a little air conditioning, Red Zinger iced tea and a good pedicure can't sooth. Fortunately there's one summer staple that you don't need the seaside atmosphere to enjoy... beach reads!

So what is the criteria for a beach read? There are a lot of ways to define the phrase 'beach book' but in general the best ones seem to point at these being books that are quick reads that entertain. We're not talking classic literature here, we're talking the sort of fluffy paperback fare one can sit down and read while spending an afternoon poolside without having to strain the brain over heavy, dark plots and moral messages.

Of course, there are so many exciting new books coming out in my preferred genres this summer I could do nothing but read brand new books for the next couple of months. In fact, you're welcome to check out the list I keep over @ Amazon.com to help out readers looking for new stuff: Coming Soon: Paranormals & Urban Fantasy. This one currently just has this summer's releases and is not all inclusive so if you'd like to see the September and beyond list you can find it in my profile there or just comment here and I will share the link.

But what's the point of cramming all those new books into my TBR boxes for the rest of the summer? Nope, I want me some beach reads to enjoy for the long hot month of family barbeques, days at the public pool with the kids and hours spent thanking heaven for central air. Thus I've decided that for the month of July I want to read some lighter, fluffier stuff. For me that means books with lots of wit and humor. Of course there's no way I'm hitting the chick-lit shelves in search of beach books, I gotta have my vampires, faeries and witches! So expect me to be reviewing some books filled with fangs, fur and funny this July.
-- Rhi

P.S. - What are y'all reading that fits this PNR/UF beach reads theme?

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