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Review: Shifter (anthology)

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Shifter (anthology)
Paranormal Romance, Anthology, Shapeshifters
Mass Market Paperback (BERKLEY, 336 pages, $7.99)
ISBN# 0425220354
New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight, USA Today bestselling author Lora Leigh, and national bestselling authors Alyssa Day and Virginia Kantra?
Whether transforming under a blue moon or prowling the streets, the shifters come alive to fulfill the wildest of fantasies in this seductive anthology by four masters of paranormal romance.

Author Site:

Werewolves and Jaguars and Selkies, Oh My! (4 stars)

Bringing together some of the hottest names in paranormal romances that feature shapeshifters, Shifter, delivers four tales of men who are a little beastly and definitely 100% male.

[MAD DOG LOVE] by Angela Knight, Set in a futuristic world (that somewhat reminded me a little bit of Firefly with nanotechnology) where Freeworlders can be taken as slaves and manipulated by the nanotech these futuristic peoples rely on for healing and communications. Rance Conlan, called "Mad Dog" by his owner, has little hope for escape and freedom until an icy, aristocratic woman comes in search of a werewolf guardian. I have to say I was quite surprised by this one it was well plotted for the short format and while there was definitely some steamy sex there was good story too. 5/5 stars

[A JAGUAR'S KISS] by Lora Leigh, A Breeds series short story this one is about a human female who wants to become a teacher at a school where Breed children will be learning. Getting this job means she will have to deal with being protected by the sexy, Cajun accented jaguar Breed, Saban. When the tension between them turns unbearable things get more than a little complicated. I know lots of fans of this series but if this is any indication of how much their plots focus on sex and erotica it's just not for me, sorry guys! 2/5 stars

[SHIFTER'S LADY] by Alyssa Day, Following characters from Day's Atlantis series this short story focuses on the romance between Marie, an Atlantean, and Ethan, a jaguar shifter. When outsiders threaten the jaguar pride and Marie, Ethan will have to prove himself as an alpha and protector. I think since I haven't read this series it contributed to me not liking the story much because I was very lost on the Atlantean side of things. 3/5 stars

[SEA CROSSING] by Virginia Kantra, This prelude to Kantra's Children of the Sea series serves as a simple, very romantic introduction to the Selkies and their realm. When Emma March sets sail for Canada after being ruined by a man who would make her his mistress the last thing she expects is for her ship to go down or to be rescued by a mysterious seal only to wake in a strange castle. Having read the first in this series and enjoyed it I can safely say you don't need one to understand the other and this was the most romantic of the four, loved it! 5/5 stars

Overall this anthology was definitely geared more toward readers looking for some spice and eroticism rather than truly romantic stories. As far as the shapeshifters go, they were all decent representations of the genre and seem to be good examples of each writer's work. If you're curious about any of these authors—as I was when I bought this anthology—I think this would be a good place to sample their writing styles and the realms they work in.

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