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July Needs a Theme...

So far setting up a theme for my reading for each month has been great. I throw in a non-theme book here and there but I try to stick to it for the majority of my reviewing at least. But here I am a week from July starting and instead of announcing a theme I've picked I am quite stumped. I'd like to read books I've already got cluttering my massive TBR bookshelf—seriously, I have a whole bookshelf and then some just for the TBRs—but don't want to give up any time for new releases either.

I've debated a few themes and haven't been sure whether any of them was a good choice. The first was focusing on books with Demons in their storyline (hot month + creatures from hell...). The only trouble there was that nothing on my TBR shelves jumped out at me for that one. That's when I noticed I had lots of sci-fi romance titles I'd never read and thought maybe going for an escapism theme focusing on sci-fi romance might be nice. Only trouble there is I'm just not in the mood for a bunch of scifi-ness. Then of course the whole water/seaside thing came to mind suggesting mermaids and that sort of thing.

Needless to say I'm kind of stuck at the moment. It may run down to the wire where I just randomly choose something on the fly. Until then I think I ought to really go look through my shelves and find something that strikes my fancy.
-- Rhi

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