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Review: Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

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Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely #1) by Melissa Marr
Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Fae
Trade Paperback (HARPERCOLLINS, 352 pages, $8.99)
ISBN# 0061214671
Rule #3: Don't stare at invisible faeries.
Aislinn has always seen faeries. Powerful and dangerous, they walk hidden in mortal world. Aislinn fears their cruelty—especially if they learn of her Sight—and wishes she were as blind to their presence as other teens.
Rule #2: Don't speak to invisible faeries.
Now faeries are stalking her. One of them, Keenan, who is equal parts terrifying and alluring, is trying to talk to her, asking questions Aislinn is afraid to answer.
Rule #1: Don't ever attract their attention.
But it's too late. Keenan is the Summer King who has sought his queen for nine centuries. Without her, summer itself will perish. He is determined that Aislinn will become the Summer Queen at any cost—regardless of her plans or desires.
Suddenly none of the rules that have kept Aislinn safe are working anymore, and everything is on the line: her freedom; her best friend, Seth; her life; everything.
Faerie intrigue, mortal love, and the clash of ancient rules and modern expectations swirl together in Melissa Marr's stunning 21st century faery tale.

Author Site:

Something Wicked This Way Comes (5 stars)

All of her life Aislinn has been taught how to avoid notice by faeries. Being a Sighted mortal is very dangerous in a world where the fae are both beautiful and capable of cruelty. Everything Grams has taught her has kept her safe from them thus far, but when a pair of Court fae take an interest in Ash she knows she won't be safe much longer. When the pair finally reveal the reason for their interest Ash will face the greatest challenge of her life when everything she values in her world—a chance at a normal life, the safety of her grandmother and her best-friend Seth—may no longer be within her grasp.

Oh how I wanted to tell more about the story! Alas, this is one of those really terrific stories that needs to just be read. Built with a blend of both classic fae legend and her own interpretation of the fae world, Marr leads her readers into a place where the clash of urban decay and faery magic are twisted, savage and breath-taking. The human characters are not wholy realistic but tread the line just carefully enough to make the difference between them and the fae no less distinct. Meanwhile, the fae aren't quite as ethereal and arrogant as one might expect if they've read a lot of faery fiction.

The plot that Ash faces is very timeless, the choice whether to take a risk for the greater good or take an easier way out never gets old. Twisted up in this storyline the characters are also faced with a very complicated love rectangle of quite epic proportions. But love and duty often require conflicting outcomes, which I personally think Ash got around just a little too easily. Did it spoil the story for me? Nah, not really, but I'm a little sadistic about these sort of things and prefer the characters suffer much more to get their romantic desires.

What I liked best about Wicked Lovely was that it was mature enough for an adult but still a story for teen readers. The fae lore was a refreshing blend of both traditional faery mythologies and more modern ideas making this a must-read for fans of this theme. Highly recommended overall.

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Unknown said...

I loved this one too. I have Ink Exchange and Fragile Eternity in my pile right now.


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