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Forget Calgon... Good Fiction Take Me Away!

Some of you may remember the trip I took last November. Sadly, it was to visit my great-grandfather who was dying of well... seven different types of cancer and the fact that he was 95! I did have the joy of spending Thanksgiving with my family and the time I was with my grandfather was precious. Grandpa was by no means a reader aside from his daily paper but if there's one thing he taught me about the way to a happy, healthy chance at longevity it was to eat lots of fiber... and make sure you find something you enjoy and do it as much as you can. He passed away yesterday afternoon with my two aunts taking care of him and it is some small comfort to know that while we are all suffering with the loss his pain has ended.

Knowing his passing was coming very soon over the course of the past week it has been very difficult to let go of the tension and stress. I've had a whole mess of other things going in on top of this death. Fortunately, whatever higher powers there be saw fit to give us the gift of written word and I feel very blessed to be one of those who have the gift of literacy! Throughout my life, as a child looking at picture books, a tween skulking through things like the Boxcar Children, a teen never fully satisfied with the fantasy shelves and an adult who enjoys all sorts of fiction one thing has been a constant—a good story can transport me away from just about any bad day.

That said I hope to get my review for the upcoming release, Magic in the Blood by Devon Monk, up later today. It was just as good as the first in the series and the cliff-hanger ending is going to drive me nuts until the third book is released. If by chance it's not up by tonight bear with me... I will try and have it up by the end of the weekend.

And what of a reading theme for the month of May? In honor of Mother's Day I've decided this is going to be my month for Young Adult fiction! Being that I am a mother of one with another on the way it seems only natural I celebrate by reading books geared toward younger readers. I honestly have no idea what books this will include for sure at the moment as I need to go sort through my rather massive to-be-read 'pile' (and by 'pile' I mean two bookshelves) and see what I have in store. I promise there will be no Twilight Saga reviews though. :P I know these are quite beloved (and loathed) and while I still haven't finished the series I don't intend to do so this month. I am looking into books for the youngin's interested in Twilight that are too young really for the series so I will let y'all know what I find if I find any.

Have a terrific May and a wonderful Mother's Day to all you moms (be it of kids or cats or dogs) and aunties (my aunties are my other-mothers, couldn't live without 'em).
-- Rhi

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