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Guest Blog: Author Terry Spear

Okie... so first off... I owe Terry a HUGE apology! Don't ask me where my mind was this week. I think between the pregnancy hormones, having a sick child and a sudden family crisis all I've been able to think of is burying my nose in my books and stuffing my face with donuts (or tacos depending on the time of day), not actually reviewing or working on the blogness. This touching and inspiring guest blog was supposed to be up on Monday!!!

Because I am personally being touched by the final stages of cancer with my great-grandfather, Terry's discussion here definitely hits home. Thank you so much Terry for sharing such a personal and important message! And again, my apologies for dropping the ball on this one.
-- Rhi

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When Conflicts Run Amok!
By Terry Spear

I could talk about sexy shapeshifters, about what makes me write, about anything in the world, but the most important thing to me is my mother right now who is dying of cancer.

So this is about my mother’s struggle, who despite her worsening condition, still helps me brainstorm rough areas in my manuscript. Sure, some of her suggestions are just plain crazy, but we laugh and sometimes it gives me another idea and it gets her mind off what she has to face.

My mother had colon cancer 23 years ago. She’s been a long-time cancer survivor already. But just like her aunt who was struck in the breast by accident, my mother was also and both developed breast cancer. With her aunt, she was removing wood for the fireplace during a cold winter in Canada, and one of the logs jarred loose and struck her. Exactly a year later, doctors found she had cancer. They removed her breast and she lived 20 plus years. For my mother, it was a car accident. The air bag from the steering wheel struck her, we think. Either that or she hit the steering wheel. Or the seatbelt caused the injury. Not sure. But in any case, she broke her arm, and she was bruised terribly across the chest. A year later, after she had a mammogram, and they found nothing, she was doing a self-examination and found a tiny lump.

Cancer. They removed her breast and lymph glands under the arm. No sign of cancer anywhere. Now 6 years later, she has stomach and liver cancer. The reason? Doctors believe it was a cancerous cell that had migrated from the breast.

Taking care of someone who is dying of cancer is a horrible process. Even now I’m in tears as I write this blog as I was when my father died of a fast-acting cancer. His was lung cancer, most likely brought on by the business he and my mother ran for years—the sanding he did on particle board, and breathing the fine sand/glue mixed particles.

But many, many men and women survive from trials with cancer and live full, healthy lives. Early detection is the key.

In my werewolf stories, my shapeshifters have recuperative powers. Maybe that’s why I write them that way. I don’t want to see them die from health-related problems. Too much real pain and suffering.

So take care of yourself and remember to tell your parents you love them. Because we never know how long we can share the time with them. And every moment can be too precious to lose.

Terry Spear
Author of Heart of the Wolf (Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of the Year), Destiny of the Wolf (ParaNormal Reviewers Top Pick), To Tempt the Wolf (Sep 1)

And don't forget to check out Terry's lastest release: Destiny of the Wolf


Terry Spear said...

My mother lost the battle with breast cancer March 31. I can't say how badly this makes me feel to lose my best friend. My prayers go out to those suffering from cancer and to the families who suffer along with them.

Karen W. said...

Oh, Terry, I'm so sorry. You have my deepest sympathies, as does your family. ((HUGS))

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Karen. I miss her deeply.


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