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Getting Excited for the Marked series!

Last summer I got a friend invite on amazon.com from someone named S.J. Day claiming to be an urban fantasy writer. Well, anyone who is a frequent user of Amazon knows that anyone could claim such a thing and get away with it even if it isn't true. But something told me to go with my gut and accept the invite. Then, sure enough, in the last couple of months Day's books started popping up on my recommendations!

I totally wanted to sit down and write her a note about the long ago invite and how silly I felt to have questioned it and see if she had a press kit or something I could look through to do a feature on her when the first book hits the shelves. See if she was available for a short Q&A session at some point. Alas, I am a big chicken and now her site is up and looking so professional and wicked cool. I feel like that girl who realizes that the actress playing her favorite character on a new show is the barista she once got her latte from. ha!

But anyway... the point of all this to say... I am soooo looking forward to this series. You all should expect me to pick it up quick and review as soon as I get the first finished and so on. ;D

In the meantime, there's a
giveaway up on the site! Neat goodies being given away. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on that ARC teehee! Can we say impatient?

Even if you have no interest in the giveaway do check out Day's series info. I forsee this being one of the hot new ones this year. You don't want to be the last one to get into it!
-- Rhi

S.J. Day's the MARKED Urban Fantasy series -- Coming in 2009


JenB said...

I'm excited about this series too. I read a really good review of the first book a few days ago. I wish I could remember where it was. :(

Rhianna said...

Oooh if you find it do share!

Terry Spear said...

I loved your blog post, Rhi! I judged one of Joy Nash's works in a contest, Celtic Fire, and fell in love with her works. I also use her stories in my online writing workshops, so when Heart of the Wolf was coming out, I wondered if it would be too bold of me to ask if she'd read it and if she liked it, give me a recommendation. She was so sweet and said yes, and THEN she came out on the Best Selling USA Today's list right before she gave me an endorsement. :)In fact, two other authors who were NY Times Best Selling authors also did. Dummy me didn't know it at the time or I probably wouldn't have been brave enough to ask them for endorsements!!!

Anonymous said...

The first book is awesome! I talk about it here

also there was a recent review at


I cannot wait to read the rest of this series!


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