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Looking back on reading in 2008...

2008 has been a crazy year! I've not read as many books this year as I have any other year of my life. I've always enjoyed it but I have a lot of hobbies and I'm a busy mom. Sometimes though you just have to take something for yourself and for me it was a return to reading. When I was pregnant with my son ten years ago I couldn't read because I'd fall asleep after only one page. Then I was busy with a baby and being a military wife. Strangely enough it wasn't until I moved to Germany in August of 2001 that I started having an interest in reading again. Not that I blame it on the September 11th attacks back home, but I think that was a big turning point for me. I realized how important doing things to combat constant worry and stress were to my sanity. So I began creative writing again after not doing it in almost five years. Then I started reading more. I read the Earth Children series, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the first four Harry Potter books in 2002. They might not have been much but after not reading in years it was a lot for me.

Here I am looking toward 2009 and wondering how I got to where I am now. I still write creatively in a just-for-fun collaborative group setting. Granted I am constantly being told I should be writing my novel and not wasting my time with them but I know better. As soon as I start writing with plans of publishing I will loose my muse. Worse yet I fear editors because I'm so very particular about the story flowing MY way. I think I will continue to write for fun and read lots of other writers' work. Even when I review and seem very critical about a writer's work I respect all of those who have made it through the process of getting their books on shelves.

As a blogger I know my entries could use a grammar check! LOL I wish I were more professional but in my enthusiasm I tend to get downright conversational in my blogs. I hope that those of you who visit feel that my reviews and both informative and honest. I like the really flowery ones sometimes but to be truthful I prefer the ones where a reviewer is blunt, honest but backs their opinions up with reasons for them. So that is what you will get from me. At least as much as I can offer. ;)

I haven't blogged a lot this month. With the holidays I get very busy with school functions, parties, shopping, gift-wrapping, writing out cards, decorating and baking... trying to sleep! I intended to put up some of my older reviews I have yet to transfer over here from Amazon.com but I haven't found the time yet. I even have a notebook with several 'article ideas' for features here! So much for doing the best gifts for fans of certain series feature eh? Two days to Christmas is a little late. *giggle* Maybe next year I'll get it done in November so it will be ready on time?

Well, expect better things from me by February! I have a lot of back reading to catch up on and a huge list of books coming out next year I HAVE to read. Plus, by some miracle I'll never be able to explain a trip to the movie theater with my husband (thanks sweety!) got him interested in reading. I'll need to be reading faster next year because he is a FAST reader and if I get too slow on a series he will get ahead of me. Wait, maybe this interest in him reading isn't such a miracle afterall? Damn you Stephenie Meyer.

Naughty or nice, I wish you my readers the very best holiday and a new year filled with joy!
-- Rhi

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