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An Early Thanksgiving Wish!

Just wanted to wish my readers a very happy Thanksgiving!

I am headed out of town to visit my family so I won't be around until the 1st of December so I hope all will enjoy their feasts, friends and family over the holiday. Also, do please remember the reason for the holiday and give thanks for all you have. :) Then get out there on Friday and maul other shoppers over whatever this year's hottest toy is. hehe! Me, I'm doing my shopping online this year... that way I can sit here with my coffee in my pajamas and noooo crowds. Amazon.com here I come! -- Rhi

Review: Midnight's Daughter by Karen Chance

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Midnight's Daughter (Dorina Basarab #1) by Karen Chance
Urban Fantasy, Dhampir, Vampires, Magic
Mass Market Paperback (ONYX, 384 pages, $7.99)
ISBN# 0451412621
Dorina Basarab is a dhampir—half-human, half-vampire. Unlike most dhampirs, though, Dory has managed to maintain her sanity. Now Dory’s vampire father has come to her for help— again. Her Uncle Dracula (yes, the Dracula), cruelest among vampires, has escaped his prison. And her father wants Dory to work with gorgeous master vampire Louis-Cesare to put him back there.
Although Dory prefers to work alone, Dracula is the only thing that truly scares her—and when she has to face him, she’ll take all the help she can get…
Author Site: http://www.karenchance.com/

Dracula's Niece the Dhampir (4 stars)

Set in the world of Chance's Cassie Palmer series, it should come as no surprise that if you're familiar with that series this one has some common characters. Half human, half vampire, Dorina Basarab is the Dhampir daughter of Mircea (thus making her the niece of Dracula). Dory's roommate, Claire, has been missing for a month when the story opens. Her hands are already full investigating her mysterious dissappearance when her father—whom she is not a big fan of—comes waltzing into her world asking for her help. Years ago he had the chance to kill his brother Vlad and instead imprisoned him. Naturally, Dracula escaped and has been causing lots of trouble for the supernatural world. If Dory will help him capture her uncle once more he promises to help her find Claire.

If only it were ever that simple eh? Strapped with Louis-Cesare (another Cassie Palmer series familiar) as a partner in her capture attempt she is none-too-happy. Afterall, dhampir and vampires are mortal enemies. Lots of arguing and an obvious bit of sexual tension make for a potential love interest. When their attempts to find Vlad become somewhat entwined with the mystery of Claire's dissappearance the plot thickens and the fae get involved. Filled with trolls, demons, vampires and a hodge-podge assortment of supernaturals the story is far from boring.

I've only read the first two Cassie Palmer books because I am so behind on my regular series reads this year. But I've very much enjoyed the world Chance set up in them. Getting a chance to visit it in another series thrilled me! For some reason I can't help but picture Natalie Portman as Dorina, strapped with all her weaponly goodies and kicking butt. She's hard as nails but still manages to be likable. That's a hard one to do with me. I like a tough heroine as much as anyone but they need to still have other facets of their character. Dory has a snarky side and while they're very carefully set-up her weaknesses are there.

The one thing I really did not like about this book was Louis-Cesare. I didn't like him in the other series and I still don't like him. Sorry gals! I know some of you out there adore him. I find him annoying and find nothing attractive about his personality. I did, however, really like the fae Caedmon. His 'try everything' attitude was really amusing and he has an irreverance that makes him a fun character to read. I also liked Claire though her role was quite small, I hope she'll end up being around more in the next book. It was also great to see more of the less humanoid supernaturals, Olga was awesomely framed and I liked that Chance was brave enough to make a troll an important character to the story. So overall, a pretty enjoyable read, a little slow during the talky-parts but with lots of action and enjoyable characters!


Review: Dancing With Werewolves by Carole Nelson Douglas

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Dancing With Werewolves (Delilah Street: Paranormal Investigator #1) by Carole Nelson Douglas
Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Werewolves, Vampires
Mass Market Paperback (JUNO BOOKS, 394 pages, $6.99)
ISBN# 0809572036
It was the revelation of the millennium: witches, werewolves, vampires and other supernaturals are real. Fast-forward 13 years: TV reporter Delilah Street used to cover the small-town bogeyman beat back in Kansas, but now, in high-octane Las Vegas - which is run by a werewolf mob - she finds herself holding back the gates of Hell itself. But at least she has a hot new guy and one big bad wolfhound to help her out...
Author Site:

Fence-Sitting With Werewolves (3 stars)

As if the Y2K bug wasn't enough to freak people out about the turn of the millenium, the supernaturals decided to come out of the closet. Now years later they're a pretty normal part of everyday life. Enter Delilah Street, Kansas TV reporter who investigates the happenings of the furred, fanged and just plain weird. Abandoned at birth Delilah grew up in a Catholic orphanage and has a lot of odd issues stemming from some vampire related 'maybe-I-lost-my-virginity-maybe-I-didn't' event. When her home in Kansas is destroyed she packs up her vintage clothes and heads for Las Vegas in search of a woman she saw on an episode of LVCSI who might be her twin.

Vegas, it turns out, is one weird city after the millenium revelation. Run by the werewolf mob and home to more than a few creatures that bear no simple classification, it's not the Sin City everyone knows and loves. Setting up shop in the city Delilah makes the acquaintance of, Ric, a hunky hispanic dowser who finds corpses for the FBI, an albino rock-star and entrepreneur who might be a vampire and an eccentric, lecherous TV producer who owns the likeness rights of Delilah's mysterious twin, Lilith. When she and Ric have an out-of-this-world experience and come upon a decades old pair of murder victims Del and her trusty wolfhound, Quicksilver, are on the hunt for answers.

Conceptually, I really liked this book. The idea of the paranormal community deciding to go public and the world surrounding it really works in this story. Douglas is a pretty decent scene setter who only occassionally gets lost in the details to the point of being annoying. Delilah is, however, a really hard heroine to like. She's got weird hang-ups and her obsession with vintage things long beyond eras she should be so easily inclined to considering her orphanage upbringing feels forced. There something very one-dimensional about her that I just couldn't quite put my finger on and didn't get over by the end of the book. The worst was the constant comments from Irma, her supposed inner voice. Who names their inner voice? It came across almost like a seperate entity and made me hope that Douglas was just trying to be funny.

While I liked the eccentric side characters, Snow and Nightwine, I found that they were ALL eccentric which was a bit of overkill. There were also a few concepts within the story that she never really explained in any way that made them make sense. CinSims especially confused me. I did fall in love with Quicksilver though. A protective doggy companion was a nice touch. While I also, like many other readers have commented, like the silver familiar gifted to Del from Snow the constant mentions of it changing its shape and location got a bit creepy.

Overall it was enjoyable enough I think I will go ahead and read the second in the series. But, since it was a bit of a frustrating read and I don't really care for the author's writing style I don't know about beyond that. Dancing With Werewolves left a lot of unanswered questions and did not have a particularly satisfying ending, if the trend continues these just aren't the books for me.


Review: Dark Highland Fire by Kendra Leigh Castle

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Dark Highland Fire ("Drakkyn" Series #2) by Kendra Leigh Castle
Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifters, Dragons, Werewolves
Mass Market Paperback (SOURCEBOOKS CASABLANCA, 400 pages, $6.99)
ISBN# 1402211597
Gabriel MacInnes has led a charmed life. A Highland werewolf of Alpha lineage, he'd always thought that, as the second son, he would never have to worry much about responsibility. But with his Pack now squarely in the sights of an ancient and rediscovered enemy, everything has begun to change.Exiled from the Drakkyn realm, on the run from the dragon prince who claims her as his own, the last thing Rowan an Morgaine wants is to deal with a bunch of overbearing shifters in the middle of nowhere. But when her hiding place on Earth is discovered, and with blood the only thing that can restore her waning power, the fiery demigoddess has little choice but to accept Gabriel as a protector ...As the Earthly and Drakkyn realms converge, Gabriel and Rowan must decide how much they're willing to sacrifice for fate...and for one another.
Author Site: http://www.kendraleighcastle.com/

An Author to Watch, A Series to Savor (4 stars)

Rowan an Morgaine has been forced away from her home realm. Stuck on earth hiding in a nest of vampires and taking her clothes off in a seedy Reno strip-club, no one would know she's really an exiled demi-goddess. But as any strong woman knows, sometimes you have to do what you have to do to stay alive so that eventually you can have your revenge. With her family slain by Lucien Andrakkar, a dragon shapeshifter who wants her for his bride, she must remain in hiding or risk being carried back to Coracin and forced into marriage.

When Lucien finds her and her brother, Bastian, swoops in just in time to save her, she finds herself dumped on Gabriel MacInnes. As a werewolf and the second son of the pack alpha, Gabriel hasn't had much purpose in life save for running his bar. Bouncing from woman to woman he's certainly not known for being easy to tie down. But there's something so irritating and at the same time irresistable about Rowan. She doesn't want to be protected by Gabriel and the fact that he takes his duty seriously only maddens her. All Rowan wants to do is save what little remains of her family from further destruction at the hands of her would-be husband. If only she wasn't as attracted to Gabriel as he is to her.

I honestly wasn't quite sure what to expect from this book. Kilted highlander werewolves, maybe? Aside from Gabriel being from the highlands this book really didn't have anything to do with them. Instead this book focused greatly on Coracin and the races that call it home from the dragons and the Dyadd to the demons. What really got me into it was the well executed mythos of the world and how it tied to Earth. That can be a hard thing to pull off but Castle did this quite flawlessly. While it certainly walks the borders of fantasy as much as paranormal romance this didn't have the urban overtones a lot of paranormals have these days.

Gabriel and Rowan made a surprisingly refreshing duo. Both a bit hot-headed and stubborn they played well off one another and their attraction was very fire and ice. The romance was actually over-shadowed by the world dilemnas of the dragons and the werewolves as well as Lucien's attempts to make Rowan his. I found myself pitying Lucien long before the book was finished and I'm quite certain the plot twist relating to Rowan and Lucien will be obvious to most readers from the first hints. Even though it was predictable it was a very enjoyable plot twist that helped to settle the entire story. I am definitely looking forward to the next book which will focus on Rowan's brother Bastian. Overall a very entertaining book with a great mythology... now I just need to go back and read the first one! I think anyone who enjoys a good fantasy story with shapeshifters should check these out.


A Little Downtime!

It's that time of year again. It never fails... usually late October to early November I get hit with some cold or flu or whatever happens to be going around. Alas, this year my son got strep throat and two days later I was starting to show symptoms. Like the clever mom I am I started guzzling Emergen-C, drinking Celestial Seasonings' Echinacea Cold Care tea and trying to get to bed earlier than my normal 3am bedtime. Now normally that helps stave off the worst of it but this time I got the strep throat AND when I still wasn't feeling better in spite of a nasty regimen of antibiotics the doc went all vampire on me. Turns out the doctor could tell by prodding my spleen ("you mean that sore spot is my spleen and not my liver?") the doc could tell something bad was up. Apparently it's a bad thing to have a low white blood cell count since that means I'm fighting strep and a virus all at once!

No wonder I've barely been able to sleep for the body aches, swallow for the raw throat and get out of bed for sheer lack of energy. When I can't be bothered to get up and make my morning coffee, do my daily netsurf routine or even get out of bed to celebrate my 29th birthday something has to be wrong! Today is day eight and I can finally whisper enough to answer the phone and I managed to eat a soggy bit of toast. My life can't keep waiting for me much longer! LOL

Though I've not really had the mental energy to do much more than drool on myself in the past week I've managed to finish a couple of books and am hitting the last hundred pages of another! Which means that if all goes well I can sit down toward the end of the week and hopefully have a batch of reviews for everyone to peruse.

Dark Highland Fire by Kendra Leigh Castle, Dancing With Werewolves by Carole Nelson Douglas and hopefully Midnight's Daughter by Karen Chance should all be up in the next week. Not 100% sure what I am going to read next. While waiting for my medication at the pharmacy I snapped up a copy of Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk but I'm hoping that I'll be healthy enough to get out to the bookstore this weekend and grab the latest Broken Heart, Oklahoma novel and Richelle Mead's latest Vampire Academy title. Here's hoping my energy returns!
-- Rhi

P.S. - Feel free to send hunky, house cleaning get well wishers my way! My husband has been a wonderful nurse but for some reason he thinks that his loading the dishwasher once this week was some amazing feat of masculine sacrifice. Now if only he had been thinking about needing to eat from the toilet... maybe then I'd agree. :P


Coming Soon: November 2008 Releases

November 4th

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home (Broken Heart, Oklahoma #4) by Michele Bardsley
Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Mass Market Paperback (SIGNET, 320 pages, $6.99)
ISBN# 0451225503
Undead fathers really do know best...
To prove her journalistic chops, Libby Monroe ends up in Broken Heart, Oklahoma, chasing down bizarre rumors of strange goings-on—and finding vampires, lycanthropes, and zombies. She never expects to fall in lust with one of them, but vampire/single dad Ralph Genessa is too irresistible. Only the town is being torn in two by a war between the undead—and Libby may be the only thing that can hold Broken Heart together…

Author Site: http://blog.michelebardsley.net/

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Dark Magic (Magic Series #5) by Cheyenne McCray
Paranormal Romance, Witches, Fae
Mass Market Paperback (ST. MARTIN'S, 464 pages, $6.99)
ISBN# 0312949596
Jake Macgregor has his hands full. As San Francisco’s leader of the Paranormal Special Forces unit, he and his team are facing a powerful enemy that threatens to bring down the city. With the weight of the world already resting on his broad, chiseled shoulders, the last thing Jake has time for is romance. So why—after a long, hard day’s fight against evil—are his nights filled with dreams of Cassia?
Cassia is a D’Anu witch whose birthright ensures power and honor beyond her imagination. It also forbids the one thing Cassia wants the most: the love of mortal Jake Macgregor. When she intervenes in a skirmish to save his life, the consequences are inescapable—even though the magic they make together is too luscious, and potent, to resist…

Author Site: http://www.cheyennemccray.com/

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The Dragon Master (Dragon Series #3)
by Allyson James

Paranormal Romance, Dragons
Mass Market Paperback (BERKLEY, 304 pages, $6.99)
ISBN# 0425224716
He’s big, hot, and not of this world. The third in this erotic paranormal series. A Fire Dragon summoned here by a dangerous mage inflames the passion in the human female he has chosen to become his mate.
Author Site: http://www.allysonjames.com/

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Magic to the Bone (?? Series #1) by Devon Monk
Urban Fantasy, Magic
Mass Market Paperback (ROC, 368 pages, $6.99)
ISBN# 0451462408
Using magic means it uses you back, and every spell exacts a price from its user. But some people get out of it by Offloading the cost of magic onto an innocent. Then it’s Allison Beckstrom’s job to identify the spell-caster. Allie would rather live a hand-to-mouth existence than accept the family fortune—and the strings that come with it. But when she finds a boy dying from a magical Offload that has her father’s signature all over it, Allie is thrown back into his world of black magic. And the forces she calls on in her quest for the truth will make her capable of things that some will do anything to control...
Author Site: http://devonmonk.com/

November 13th

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy #3)
by Richelle Mead

Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, Vampires
Mass Market Paperback (RAZORBILL, 256 pages, $8.99)
ISBN# 1595141979
It's springtime at St. Vladimir's Academy, and Rose Hathaway is this close to graduation. Since making her first Strigoi kills, Rose hasn't been feeling quite right. She's having dark thoughts, behaving erratically, and worst of all...might be seeing ghosts. As Rose questions her sanity, new complications arise. Lissa has begun experimenting with her magic once more, their enemy Victor Dashkov might be set free, and Rose's forbidden relationship with Dimitri is starting to heat up again. But when a deadly threat no one saw coming changes their entire world, Rose must put her own life on the line--and choose between the two people she loves most.
Author Site: http://www.richellemead.com/

November 25th

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
On the Prowl (Tales of an Urban Werewolf #2) by Karen MacInerney
Urban Fantasy, Werewolves
Mass Market Paperback (BALLANTINE, 384 pages, $6.99)
ISBN# 0345496264
Talk about a bad-hair day!
Sophie Garou is a master at taming her inner beast, which comes in handy since she’s a werewolf. With a big promotion at work and a supersexy boyfriend, Heath (whom she recently spotted leaving a jewelry store with a beguiling ring box), she’s one happy girl.
But when Heath starts spending long nights at the office with his new associate–a dead-ringer for Career Day Barbie–Sophie smells trouble. And when her professional relationship with her big new client–who also happens to be Texas’s brilliantly blue-eyed most eligible bachelor–begins to sizzle, she wonders if her animal instincts are leading her in the wrong direction. Just when it seems that things can’t get any more complicated, they do. The Houston werewolf pack has sniffed Sophie out, and their message is chillingly clear: you’re either with us or against us. And unless she can prove that she’s with them, the next full moon may just be her last.

Author Site: http://www.karenmacinerney.com/

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Succubus Takes Manhattan (Succubus Series #2)
by Nina Harper

Urban Fantasy, Demons
Mass Market Paperback (DEL REY, 400 pages, $6.99)
ISBN# 0345495071
No description available.
Author Site: http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/h/nina-harper/

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The Outlaw Demon Wails (The Hollows #6)
by Kim Harrison
**Paperback release
Urban Fantasy, Witches, Vampires, Demons
Mass Market Paperback (EOS, 544 pages, $7.99)
ISBN# 0061149829
When you dance with demons, you lay your soul on the line . . .
In the Hollows, where the natural and the supernatural co-exist—not always peacefully—desperate times often call for unorthodox measures. But bounty hunter-witch Rachel Morgan did the absolutely unthinkable to save the lives of her friends: she willingly trafficked in forbidden demon magic. And now her sins have come home to haunt her. As Rachel hunts for the truth behind a terrifying murder, the discovery of a shocking family secret is about to throw her entire life into question. And the long-lost ancient knowledge she seeks resides in the demonic ever-after. But there are some lines that should never be crossed—like the one Rachel Morgan's stepping over... again!

Author Site: http://www.kimharrison.net/

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The Devil's Due (Morgan Kingsley #3) by Jenna Black
Urban Fantasy, Demons
Mass Market Paperback (DELL, 336 pages, $6.99)
ISBN# 0440244927
Possession was never this much fun
Trust me or die…That’s the choice Morgan Kingsley, exorcist, is given by the gorgeous rogue demon who’s gotten inside her. The truth is, Morgan has dozens of reasons not to trust anyone, from the violence that torched her house and killed her father to a love life that’s left her questioning her relationship with her erstwhile boyfriend, Brian. But Lugh, a king among demons, won’t take no for an answer. He’s prying into her body, her mind, even her sex life. And he’s just pulled Morgan into a power struggle that could have devastating consequences for both the human and demon worlds.
But Morgan still has a job to do: investigating the highly bizarre possession of the son of a wealthy Philadelphia couple. That hunt leads Morgan into a realm of sexual depravity, then a terrifying kidnapping.… Now a woman who makes her living prying demons from their hosts finds her day job colliding with the night: a darkness that is attracting demons of the damnedest sort, including the one who’s about to demand his ultimate due.…

Author Site: http://www.jennablack.com/

November 29th

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Blood Bargain (Keira Kelly #2) by Maria Lima
Urban Fantasy, Supernatural
Mass Market Paperback (JUNO, 368 pages, $7.99)
ISBN# 0809573059
Keira Kelly is coming into her unexpected and unexpectedly awesome powers... and Rio Seco, Texas ain't ever gonna be the same! Keira just wants to be left alone without many responsibilities to her supernatural clan and, lately, spend some time with sexy Adam Walker - a vampire trying to get his brethren to give up human blood - on his luxurious Wild Moon ranch. But trouble and her paranormal family keep intruding - Gigi, Keira's great-great-grandmother and the chief of the clan has sent Tucker, Keira's 1,200-year-old shapeshifter brother to keep an eye on her!
Author Site: http://www.thelima.com/


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