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Review: Don't Talk Back To Your Vampire by Michele Bardsley

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Don't Talk Back To Your Vampire (Broken Heart, Oklahoma #2) by Michele Bardsley
Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Mass Market Paperback (SIGNET ECLIPSE, 352 pages, $6.99)
ISBN# 0451221702
Released: July 2007 (Reviewed: March 2008)
Being a mother is never easy-especially when you're undead. Eva LeRoy, Broken Heart, Oklahoma's librarian, got "vampified" when everyone else did: during a rogue vampire's feeding frenzy. But books still make her undead heart beat-and, strangely enough, so does Lorcan the Loner, the vampire who killed her...
Author Site:

The Lycan Whisperer Gets Lucky (5 stars)

What kind of book do you get when you mix the chick-lit sass of a soccer mom with the urban fantasy cool of a vampire clan?

A really clever book, that's what. As if Evangeline (Eva) LeRoy didn't have her hands full already with her teenage daughter and running Broken Heart, Oklahoma's library, she's been vampified. Stuck on a liquid diet and with a new 'hot mama' make-over courtesy of Jess from the first book, Eva's life has certainly done a 180. Ever since she was turned critters of all kinds flock to her like she's some sort of magnet for animals. From squirrels and deer to the elusive black wolf who won't get close enough she can touch him she's discovering she has a new power, the power to communicate with and command shifters.

This new power comes in very handy with the Wraiths letting loose vampires they've tried to cure of the taint. Though lycanthrope blood worked for Lorcan, the vampire who killed the eleven vampires created in book one, it hasn't worked for these twisted hybrids. But who is behind it all and what do they want with Lorcan and Eva?

Though focused much more on the events involving the Consortium and the Wraiths, fear not my dear romance readers, there's plenty of sensual tension and chemistry between Eva and Lorcan. You'll learn more about the Ancients, werewolves and Johnny Angelo & his evil cat Lucifer this time too! I really enjoyed Eva as the single mom raising a teenaged daughter, between wondering about her daughter's vampire slayer boyfriend and trying to tell her potential suitors there's only one guy she's interested in.

This is a paranormal with real heart and while lighter, fluffier reading than the heavy-weights of the genre this series is going onto my favorites shelf with the first book of this excellent series.

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