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News: Various Authors

Don't ask me why I felt this was so absolutely newsworthy I had to blog about it...

As I was going through cleaning out some of my links and looking for books to add to my wishlist I popped by Michelle Bardsley's site. Having done a spotlight on her Broken Heart, Oklahoma series this month I was thrilled to see she has two new titles in the series listed! #5 is called Over My Dead Body and #6 is called Come Hell or High Water. She has #5's cover up on her site if you go take a peek!

I also noted that Kelley McCullough, author of the Rivirn series, has listed a new book too. SpellCrash is due out in 2010. If you're not familiar with the series I do highly recommend it. It mixes Greek mythology with modern technology and is just too unique for words.

Gena Showalter had some news regarding her Lords of the Underworld series books noted on her blog... The Darkest Whisper's release date has been moved to September 2009.

Kim Harrison has the cover for White Witch, Black Curse up. I'm loving the green color but I think Rachel's boots look like liquid latex. Rachel Vincent's Prey also has a cover up on her site, I love the leopard print pattern the artist works into the clothing on each cover. I know I've noted them to the gals over at Amazon.com's PNR forum too but the covers for the next two Demonica books from Larissa Ione... wow... lookin' good.

Susan Krinard has a note up on her site regarding the third book in her Fane series, Lord of Legends. She says it should be out in 2009. I still haven't read the first two but they go on and off my wishlist enough I should just buy them already!

Jennifer Ashley (aka Allyson James) had two great newsie tidbits... she's taking part in a Paranormal Christmas anthology from Berkley (due next October) ANNND she's got a new paranormal series coming out in 2010!

Caitlynn Kittredge has her third book in the Nocturne City's info up now. Second Skin has a spooky cover and will be hitting shelves in March 2009.

And that about sums up all the really good stuff I could find in my bookmarked author sites. Everyone seems to be updating their sites and getting news up on their blogs so don't hestitate to go visit the author's sites for yourselves!
-- Rhi

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